Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things I want my children to know

The more time passes and the more, by His grace, I learn about the Lord, the more I wish I had learned some things earlier in life. This made me begin a list of things I want my children to know. Do you have a list of things you wish you'd known sooner? Anyway here's some of the items on my list. They form part of one of my book projects.

Life is full of choices. Big and small. Every decision, no matter how much or little thought you put into it, is a choice.

Choice is a powerful gift. All choices have consequence. Consequences may be natural and/or spiritual; may be obvious or not. And we have no control or idea of the timing of said consequence.

The truth is the truth no matter what you believe or feel. The difference between truths and facts is that no matter the circumstances truth doesn't change; facts on the other hand are subject to change.

What you think and say about yourself is extremely important.

God is in control. There's very little we can control, but what we can control is extremely significant: our choices, our reactions and our words.

Knowing in your head is just a little part. It's your heart knowledge that defines you. There's no one order to knowing, but if you know in your head, act on what you know until to gets to your heart.

You don't have to say everything. Somethings are better left unsaid.

Your talents don't indicate your greatness. Without God you have nothing.

Everybody, no matter what you think or feel about them, is valuable to God.

Don't try to live up to man's expectations, focus on God's expectation.

Don't look down on anyone. You're no better than them.

Don't fake it. Be real.

Be you. Don't be afraid of people.

Honour your parents. Respect people, but only God should control your life.

Love can make people better. If you love people they can become better.

As a Christian, when you fight others (through gossip, ill treatment, criticism, malice, etc) you are aiding the very enemy you claim to hate.

Check your motive before your actions. God looks at the heart.

Every deed, even wrong ones can be justified. So let the Word of God be the standard for your life and not your emotions or human reasonings.
Ufuoma Daniella Ojo is a Senior Technical Author and Software Trainer. She lives in London. She is working on some new stories about relationships and is trusting God for connections leading to publication.


  1. Lovely post Ufuoma. All these character-building attitudes add up to forming a caring, decent adult. And one who loves the Lord and His Word.

    Good for you! I hope your stories find a home someday.

  2. Truly beautiful! Values we all can and should live by. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Truly beautiful! Values we all can and should live by. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Very touching ufoma, love this. Thank you.

  5. Daniella, thanks for sharing your list with us :)

  6. Great points for us all to remember, Daniella.

  7. Hi Ufuoma, Thanks for that list. If we all took time to consider it each day, what an entirely different world it might look like.

  8. So True!!!! I think if we were all more real... Oh, here come the 'what-ifs'. Thank you for the reminder!!!