Monday, June 14, 2010

Jennifer Hudson Taylor's HIGHLAND BLESSING--By Christine Lindsay


To win a copy of this fresh and lively historical romance, please leave a comment below. On Sunday, June 20, I will draw names from that list of commentors. Don't forget to leave your email address spelled out so I can contact you. The author will then send you a free copy. Now, for my thoughts on.....

Highland Blessings is a fresh, gently-romantic, intelligent read set in ancient Scotland.

Akira MacKenzie and Bryce MacPhearson are caught between their two opposing families. To bring peace, Bryce vows to his dying father that his father’s heir, Evan, will marry the MacKenzie’s daughter, Akira.

Bryce kidnaps Akira on her wedding day and whisks her away to the MacPhearson castle. But vengeance follows close on their heels and a member of Akira’s family murders Evan, Bryce’s elder brother. To keep his promise to his father, it now falls to Bryce to marry Akira. But can a marriage begun on mistrust and the hatred of generations succeed?

The young couple contends with the difficulties of being married to someone they’re not sure will ever truly care for them. They live under the constant threat of the two families rearing up in war. And, as love begins to flower, the awareness grows that there is a traitor in their midst who will commit murder to keep the clans apart.

I love it when an author knows their historical setting. This is true of Jennifer Hudson Taylor. This author breathes the Scotland of warring clans, castle ramparts, claymores and swordplay. Yet she weaves her vast knowledge of the history into a fast-paced story in such natural ways you are transported to that era. You can hear the rolling r’s within the dialogue, and smell the Scottish pines and heather. You can feel the soft highland mist against your skin.

I highly recommend this book. For several nights I tucked myself into bed with it. This story unfolds with easy to follow twists and turns. And if you like a gentle love story, and an inspirational read in a book that isn’t going to jar you with unpleasant images, and about 300 pages, then this is one you’ll enjoy.

If you would like to buy a copy, click here on Jennifer Hudson Taylor and find out how. But someone can win a free copy, by leaving a comment below. Blessings.

This review was written by Christine Lindsay. If you would like to read more by me, check out my blogsite I've written on Adoption and Reunion, am currently writing the non-fictional story of Children's Camps International, and at the same time I'm writing my third historial fictional. Thank you for dropping by.


  1. I'm all for gentle reads,and I love historicals, please enter me in the contest avaldal at shaw dot ca

  2. Nice review. Would love to win a copy.

    mchapman (at) windstream (dot) net

  3. This looks wonderful. I like historical fiction and I love Scotland and of course, I love to read. Please include me and thanks!

  4. I'm always in for a contest! This one sounds like a great summer read while on I'm vacation.


  5. Great post. I have been waiting to get this one in the stores. So far have been unable to find it locally. Please enter me in your contest. Blessings.AprilR

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by.

    If you don't win and you'd like a copy, I've listed US and International places where you can order it here:

  7. Christine, great review! I recently read the first chapter on Jennifer's website and I can't wait to read more...this book is now on my wish list :-)

    Jennifer, thanks for stopping by :-)

  8. Highland Blessings was already on my wish list, and I appreciated your review, Christine. I read several Scottish romances many years ago and am so glad to see Jennifer published in the Christian market. Thank you for the chance to win Highland Blessings.

    cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

  9. Great interview, Christine. I've been an efriend of Jennifers on Facebook for a couple years but haven't read any of her work, yet. Love her profile pic.

    I was one of several who wrote an online scene set in ancient Scotland with Joanne Rock over on eharlequin awhile back. And, I just finished reading Linda Windsor's Healer which is set in 6th century Scotland. And I thoroughly enjoyed both even though I write westerns. :)

    So yes, please enter me in this draw. anitamaedraper(at)hotmail[dot]com

  10. Narelle, thanks for taking the time to read the first chapter of Highland Blessings on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Carole, I chased the ABA market for years, but it was God's plan for me to be here in the CBA market. And I love writing for Abingdon Press and working with my editor, Barbara Scott. She truly is wonderful!

  12. Anita, I think we're friends everywhere, Shoutlife, FB, Goodreads, aren't you on Twitter too? I didn't know about Linda's 6th century Scotland book, Healer. I'll have to find it.

  13. I must apologize to everyone. I am in the midst of moving in 2 weeks to a new house, and I forgot to do the draw. But....drum roll....I pulled a slip of paper out of a hat, and the winner of a copy of Highland Blessings is....Tarenn

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