Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love for All Time

posted by Donna Fletcher Crow @donnafletchercr

What a lovely thing Valentine’s Day is—a whole day set aside especially for sharing love, remembering those we love in special ways, and celebrating love. But of course, just one day isn’t nearly enough to share our love and appreciation for friends, family and all the people in our lives who mean so much to us.

Sharing love every day is one of my goals as a writer. That’s why I find that whether I’m writing mystery, romance, or history, my stories all have an element of love in them. No matter what the story is, it’s about people—and what could possibly be more important to people in any circumstance than love—both human and divine?

That’s why, of the 50-some books I’ve written, my Where There is Love series is still one of my very favorites. These are true stories of faith and love, recounting the early, formative years in the lives of men and women who went on to shape the religious life of 18th and 19th century England.

Where Love Begins
Can Catherine Perronet find happiness when her beloved Charles Wesley marries another?

Where Love Illumines
Mary Tudway must choose: a life of pleasure amidst London's high society or a life of faith and service with the devout Rowland Hill?

Where Love Triumphs
Charming, brilliant and lame, Sir Brandley Hilliard believes he can do very well without love of any kind in his life—until he meets the captivating Elinor Silbert and King’s College Fellow, Charles Simeon.

Where Love Restores
Granville Ryder's harsh up-bringing means he must struggle to find his place in his illustrious family, in God's work, and in Georgiana's heart.

Where Love Shines
In Scutari, the charge of the Light Brigade leaves Lt. Richard Grayson blinded and Jennifer Neville, one of Florence Nightengale's nurses, devastated—a darkness from which they must grope their way to the light.

Where Love Calls
Kynaston Studd is on fire to carry the love of God to the ends of the earth, but God seems to be calling his friends there instead; and Hilda is horrified to find herself falling in love with the man she had intended for her sister.

Times and circumstances change, but love abides.

May you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day sharing love with all around you.


  1. I absolutely love your Where There Is Love series. Each volume is a treasure, but Where Love Calls is especially moving.

  2. Thank you so much rim! What music to a writer's ears. Good news--Verity Press has just started the process to bring out new print versions of these editions.