Thursday, January 12, 2017

Is It Time, Yet?

I stopped writing last year.
It may have been longer than that, I don't remember.

Most of the year's writing has been comprised of homeschooling questions, work e-mails,  grocery lists and prayer requests.

I am comfortable with that. It isn't time. I have a twelve-year old who is unfortunately/fortunately really good at two extra-curricular activities and they take up a lot of time. I'm happy to encourage him and to make sure the house is warm and comfortable, and to make sure hubby is happy.

I'm good with that.

But a few weeks ago, I was flipping through Pintrest and a little caption caught my eye.

'Daily Journal Prompts'.


So, I took a quick peek, began adding it to one of my 'pins' and moved on.
Well...a week ago, I ordered a gorgeous leather covered journal. Just for writing in. Not devos, not grocery lists, but for writing in.  And I began the daily prompts.

Some are very cool, like, if you could go anywhere this year, where would you go? And this requires a good paragraph.
Some don't get me writing at all, such as,  do your actions match your words? Mostly.

But it's a beginning.  And when you start at the beginning, it's a very good place to start.

You can check links here:   Because maybe you need a kickstart too.

If you aren't being called to write, right now, because of pressing life responsibilities, then please, don't feel guilty. If it's time to write, and it's pulling on your heart, then please, pick up a pen and a lovely journal and begin at the beginning.  God will tell you.

Happy Writing!!

Jenn Kelly is not trying to do it all. And neither should you.


  1. A good word, Jenn. We shouldn't try to force it if the Lord desires we be doing other things. Enjoy your journalling this year.

  2. Love the line by your photo. :) Well said.

  3. Good point, Jean. The time will come again.