Monday, October 24, 2016

My Hands are Thai'd

Anna Leonowens sure successfully Thai'd up the story of an English governess to the king of Thailand's children. In fact so many things happened in the time she spent there, it doesn't leave much wiggle room to find another story quite as thrilling. And then the film, Anna & the King, with Jodie Foster's clever interpretation of the schoolmarm.

How I'd love to find that elusive little idea to come up with my own novel in that exotic land. Every year we travel there for ministry I feel the longing to capture another story, be it contemporary or historical. Oh yes, I've made several attempts, but so far no strong plot lines. 

We travel the length and breadth of Thailand, close to borders where the car has been searched for drugs. Over the borders into adjoining countries where we had to hand over American dollars plus a few tense moments re our passports. But on the whole, we've felt safe with our Thai friend and interpreter, Somchai Soonthornturasuk. And the delicious food, including weird and wonderful ingredients I would normally never eat ... thank you very much!

It's been such a joy to share the true Christmas message in Buddhist schools. And this year also in prisons. Perhaps this will be the time when an idea will germinate. And if not fiction, I could certainly write a tongue-in-cheek biography named "Beds I Have Slept In". And that would be an eye-opener. What say you?

Rita Stella Galieh loves to write all things Victorian, thus her trilogy: 
Signed Sealed Delivered,
The Tie That Binds,
A Parcel of Promises

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  1. I hope you do come up with that story idea! :) Maybe a couple travels to Thailand on a missions trip - like they always do. Only this time they somewhat reluctantly take the wife's youngest sister with them at her father's request. Maybe the sister is a Bible college drop out. Maybe something terrible happened at college or to someone in the college to cause her to stop attending. Her faith is unsettled. Maybe in Thailand she decides to take a day trip without the couple or stay back when the couple travels to a remote location. Couple gets stranded. Sister meets a lovely local. Couple is in trouble. Lovely local gets to save the day. Lovely local is a Christian because of a missionary who graduated from the college she's trying to drop out of... Maybe lovely local isn't a Christian, and she cannot help but witness? Who knows? Most of my brainstorming efforts don't amount to much, but maybe there's something here that will spark something worth running with. Nice seeing you here, Rita :)