Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Best of the ICFW Archives - HOPE, an acronym: Holding On – Prayerfully Expectant!

By Marion Ueckermann

My last blog ended with the Re-birth team once again placing their hope in Jesus and securing place on board a ferry bound from Greece to Italy. They had made it through the first ten days by Living Faith; divine interventions that strengthened their faith to carry them through the next 21 days as they sought to Bring Hope and Show Love to those who crossed their paths.

I had a little miracle of my own, a divine intervention, the day before the team got onto the ferry. I had heard from Christo’s mother that the boys were on a bus headed for Patras. Worried they wouldn’t get tickets for the ferry, I did an online booking and payment. I knew if they didn’t catch the ferry the following evening, they would be stuck in Patras for several days as the ferry was fully booked that entire weekend. I was certain the boys would make contact that evening and I’d be able to tell them their tickets were booked.

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