Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Best of the ICFW Archives: Dig Your Wells Deep

By Paula Vince

Here's a simple story about perseverance that I think any of us on this fiction writing journey can be inspired by. I've certainly found it helpful to remember and often mention it when giving workshops or addressing audiences. 

There was once a man who had a farm in the middle of the desert. He got tired of traveling a long distance to fetch water every day and asked God to please supply him a water course closer to home. When God heard his request, He sent an angel to the man, who said, "God would like you to dig a well. If you do, you'll have all the water you'll ever need." Then the angel left and the man got digging. 

Fifty years later, the man met the angel again when he got to heaven. The man cried out, "God deceived me! I dug one hundred wells, all fifty feet deep, and never tapped into any water. I just wasted my time." With that, the angel replied, "If you'd just dug one well one hundred feet deep instead of a hundred wells fifty feet deep, you would've found all the water you ever needed."

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