Thursday, December 24, 2015

Best of the ICFW Archives: Breaking Through The Walls - To Write

By Mary Hawkins

Today Ray and I went with our adult children here for Christmas holidays from the Australian mainland to see the movie, Tin-Tin. It was a most enjoyable family film. Our children began reading Tin-Tin when they were quite young and have a number of those comics still on their shelves. In a couple of scenes the comment was made, “when you come to a wall, you’ve got to break through it!” 

For this writer, those words accompanied me home in the car. Having this blog to write made the statement even more relevant. Why? Because over the last couple of weeks a number of invisible yet very real walls have appeared across my pathway to writing my next book! Breaking through them has required more than one type of “hammer.”

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  1. I've read your 'old' post and I was very blessed by th LORD through finding the spiritual blessing in it. Thank you so much!!!