Thursday, August 27, 2015

Best of the ICFW Archives: Humility in Writing

By Jenn Kelly

When I first wrote 'Jackson Jones', it took me a year and a half of sitting in coffee shops and drinking lattes. It was very laid back and I enjoyed my time. I realized I was rather funny. I figured I shouldn't have a problem getting published. 

A year later and 72 rejections (both from publishers and agents) I began to think that perhaps I wasn't so funny at all. That all the writing I had been doing throughout my life was just junk. I gave it to God. "God, if it be Your will, not mine, I'd love to be published." I finally found one that said yes. Which happened to be through someone I met at a conference who liked my spunk. 

Then illustrations were to be added. Oh what fun! I would have an illustrator. I was sent preview copies. And I loved some and I liked some. But it didn't matter what I thought, because I no longer had a say. Just like I no longer had a say in the cover, the title (was originally titled 'Jackson and his Great Aunt Harriett') or that my name was the same size as the illustrator.

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