Monday, December 29, 2014

The Best of the ICFW Archives: The Story Behind the Story

Hi, Ruth Ann here. What do a 7th century hermit, a children's hospital in Africa and a thoroughly modern heroine have to do with each other? If you would like to know, read the story below by my guest blogger, Donna Fletcher Crow. Then leave a comment to enter the draw for a copy of Donna's book, A VERY PRIVATE GRAVE.

Donna Fletcher Crow is the author of 35 books, mostly novels of British Christian history. The award-winning epic GLASTONBURY, is her best-known work, an Arthurian grail search covering 15 centuries of English history. A VERY PRIVATE GRAVE, Book 1 in the Monastery Murders series is her re-entry into publishing after a ten-year hiatus. THE SHADOW OF REALITY, Book 1 of The Elizabeth & Richard Mysteries, is a romantic intrigue available on Ebook.

Donna and her husband have four adult children and ten grandchildren. She is an enthusiastic gardener and tea-drinker.

Over to you, Donna.


A VERY PRIVATE GRAVE, Book 1 in my Monastery Murders series, is a contemporary thriller with an all-too modern heroine who is determined to change the future with her efforts to bring about justice. But when her favorite monk in the theological college she is attending is brutally murdered, Felicity is forced to learn about the past in order to bring about justice much closer to home. What can the life, death and strange posthumous travels of a 7th century hermit, who communed with birds and swam with otters, possibly have to do with events today?

I have wanted to tell the story of St. Cuthbert ever since I first heard of him. It must have been in 1985. I was in England with my two youngest children, John 12 and Elizabeth 5, doing research for The Cambridge Collection, my series on 18th and 19th century evangelical Anglicans. Durham had no place in the story I was writing then, but I knew I wanted to see it.

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  1. What fun to see this post again! I'm honoured to part of the "best of" archives. Being Ruth Ann's guest was my introduction to ICFW. A few months later I was delighted to be invited to join the group! Love and Happy New Year to all of you!