Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scripting a Five Minute Radio Program

It's a challenge. A continual challenge. Often when I think I'm completely out of ideas, at he last moment I'll see something on TV, or somebody will make a comment and it get's my mind into gear.

You see, after many years of producing a fifteen minute program, we've just begun a new one five minute we've named VANTAGE POINT. It begins in the secular and gives the Bible answer to issues that are on people's minds. I guess it's something like 'casting your bread on the waters' because only the Lord knows who will be listening at a time when they might need to hear a message that has the potential to change their life. Or perhaps encourage someone to take a stand, or explain something from God's point of view.

Even so, it would be wonderful if anyone of you in our writing fraternity would share an idea that's on your mind that could make a great five minute script. Oh, I know we're all busy, writing, editing, marketing, and so on, but something you have thought about, or even more exciting...a rough SCRIPT would be an extraordinary gift to help get the message out. We've heartily embraced this commitment, and how wonderful if you feel led to have a share in this great outreach.

At present we are heard on scores of FM stations throughout Australia. So, like the man in Macedonia in Paul's vision, I can also say 'Won't you come over (via email) & help us?'

Rita Galieh is also a novelist with two books published and two now being looked at by Even Before Publishing an Australian publisher.

If you'd like to contact Rita about this, her email is:  ritagal  (at)  optusnet  (dot) com  (dot) au


  1. Rita, a five minute script sounds very challenging to write. Thanks for sharing with us and I hope you receive a few ideas from our readers :)

    1. Thanks, Narelle. I meant to add that it is scripted for two voices, so that it's not a monologue and is easier on the ears.

      I got an idea from Shirley Corder's devotional about Gods GPS (Great thought Shirley!) and expanded that into a four minute slot. The intro & closing takes up the other minute.

  2. Sounds a great ministry. I'm sure God will use it mightily. Can you give us some idea of the stations you are on Rita. Any down South Coast of NSW?

  3. Our production manager handles that Dale, so I'll ask. Every so often the stations change schedules so it's difficult for us to know times and days.

  4. What a challenge! Those broadcast changes make it all the more important to depend on God to have the right people listening at the right time.