Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My husband, Ray, regularly shares devotional thoughts with us here on Fridays. I couldn't resist asking him to write this post for us about how he started writing for publication of his own books.

Being an obedient husband plus wanting to be fed, I’ve agreed to write this guest blog for Mary. What to write about for Christian fiction writers when my interest is in another genre is an interesting exercise. Sure I’ve read Mary’s novels. No I wasn’t threatened with starvation if I didn’t. Were they enjoyable? Without fear of reprisal or starvation I can honestly say “yes.”

Personally, my preferred reading is history, commentary and devotional material. I guess that’s the preacher in me. Those with the ability to write must express themselves. This is especially true from a Christian worldview perspective and across all genres. Years before my fingers found the keyboard of a computer I’d heard Mary’s cries of anguish, frustration, joy and triumph after grappling with characters, settings and editing. Many of you know those scenarios too I’m sure.

It was Mary’s encouragement that made me begin my 31 Day Themed Devotional Meditations. No, it wasn’t “Dear, you write or you starve!” Rather it was more like, “Dear, you have something to say and others need to read it –so get to it!” So I did. However, who is willing in these tight financial times and changing reading patterns to risk taking on an unknown Australian? This is doubly difficult when you know what I like to write is over supplied.

Well, Rochelle Manners of Wombat Books and it’s division EVEN BEFORE PUBLISHING (EBP) in Queensland, Australia, took the risk. We met when Mary and I attended an Omega Writers Conference a bout three or four years ago. With her and Mary’s refining skills they polished the gems they saw under the mass of words, removed the rubble and produced four (so far) well received books. They are Children–God’s Special Interest; From Eden with Love (the Mystery and Majesty of Marriage); Captured by Calvary (Biblical insights into the Cross) and Bethlehem’s Warrior Baby (Detailing that Christmas is Heaven’s Invasion into the Usurper’s earthly darkness).They are also available as E-books.

Hovering in my mind or frozen in computer files are the following: No Soft Option (the call to the Christian Ministry); Signposts to Happiness (Beatitudes across Scripture); Dynamic Aging and The Warrior Lord Returns (The Second Coming of Christ).

After publishing comes what I think is the most onerous task Promotion. Still it must be done. I hang onto the thought even after a non-event promotional day that the person you met today could well be the purchaser of your book tomorrow. Then my publisher insisted – rightly so, that I get a website/blog . O joy! O rapture! Still, being an obedient writer I have done just that.

If you are tempted (hope, hope, hope) to have a look and read some of my writing efforts there,  CLICK HERE  
Just to show we are not in competition, CLICK HERE  too for Mary's website and her blog. (which is more uptodate, says Mary.

I have been really thrilled that after Ray and I sharing so many ministry experiences over many years, now, after all the numerous times he has encouraged me to persevere, he too is knowing the delight of having readers share how God is blessing them through his books.


  1. What an encouraging comment. Thank you and do hope you continue to enjoy the posts. Afraid I personally do not blog as regularly as I should on my own blog but Ray does on his. You might like to check it out also.

  2. You two are a great team! I love Ray's dry sense of humour. But Mary, are you sure you don't threaten him with a housewifely strike if he doesn't do as he's told? I still think he's a bit worried about starving as he mentioned it three times!

    Keep up getting down those ideas in writing, Ray.

  3. Thank you, Rita. I call it the "Hawkins" sense of humour and my family (and me)are quite different. Although he is trying to lose weight I assure you he isn't starving! Example? A couple of nights ago I was still on the computer when I heard him starting to chop the onions for the meat I planned for our dinner! See? I've just trained him well over these 48 years. LOL.

  4. I really enjoyed this article Ray - and went looking for your blog. There is so much in it, with a wide variety of styles of writing. I enjoyed the poems, the devotions, and your comment about Promotion being most onerous, but must be done! Getting one's books out there and purchased it a difficult task.I would like to follow you - for I find your writings deep and meaningful. Blessings!

  5. Ray, I loved this article.

    And I'm just the teeniest bit envious of your and Mary's relationship in that you both are writers and understand one another. Friend-husband is neither a reader nor a writer and has not the foggiest notion of how to support my writing addiction.

    Blessings to you both.

  6. Good you enjoyed Ray's blog pages, Ann, and thank you for your comments. I too agree about the promotion. It certainly does take too much time sometimes and I have met writers scared off trying to get their books published because of it. Ray and I both do enjoy speaking appointments but there are many other ways to promote besides those which seem the scariest to most folk.

  7. Judith, I can never take for granted that Ray has been so very supportive and encouraging over the years and I thank God for that blessing. However, I do also know that I still need to keep my priorities right and not let my writing take more importance than it should at certain times. In fact, we both do!