Monday, May 6, 2013

ATKINS DIET - Romance and Love of God

Keen Writers
Romance author, Narelle Atkins, recently
shared her writing journey at the Australian Christian
Writers Fellowship seminar in Sydney.

As an attendee, I was glad to finally meet Narelle face to face.
We had a lot to chew over and not enough time to do it. Questions flew thick and fast as she began covering the seminar topics.

*Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing.
*Catching an editor's attention with your Proposal.
*Writing an effective blog to promote your work.

Then we were all put to work!
An exercise in writing blog posts

I was personally blessed as I rarely get together   with like-minded folk in the writing field. And it's always amazing when someone throws a question you hadn't thought to ask and it happens to be information  you really need. This is especially relevant in the technical side of presenting your work in the best light possible, whether it be to agents, editors, or readers of your blogs.        

Lunch was served after all this brainstorming
Narelle fielded all of the questions thrown her way. She's been at this "game" for quite some time. We appreciated her sharing the way she patiently laid foundations for her writing career, in her willingness to wait on God's timing, not hers.

There was applause when she told us about her first writing contract with Heartsong Presents. This was not one book but a series. Now we just need to wait until her first books arrive here in Australia.

As members of this International Christian Fiction Writers blog, we appreciate Narelle's efforts in keeping this blog running smoothly. She personally guided me in setting up my very first blog here.

Check my blog to read her own romance story, plus a lovely wedding picture of her wedding day.

Australian Historical Romance author, Rita Stella Galieh, has had two books published, Fire in the Rock,
Book I of  The Watermark Women series, Signed Sealed Delivered,
Book II, The Tie That Binds is with the publisher waiting for a contract soon to be followed by book III, A Parcel of Promises.

She is also a scriptwriter and co-presenter on a five-minute Christian radio program, VANTAGE POINT. She and her evangelist husband have travelled to Thailand every year for the past eighteen years in a month long ministry to schools, prisons, hospitals, orphanages, shopping malls, and churches. 


  1. A great write-up, Rita--and lovely to see those photos of the group too. I will be presenting two workshops for them in September this year. So glad you enjoyed your time with them and that you got to meet Narelle!

  2. Rita, it was wonderful to finally meet you in person, too :) Thanks for writing about the seminar.

    Jo-Anne, I'm sure the group and Sydney-based writers are looking forward to your seminar in September :)

  3. Thanks for the write up and photos Rita. Sounds like a great time.