Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FLIGHT OF FANCY---a Book Review

Nobody can write Regency England Romances better than my dear friend Laurie Alice Eakes. Flight of Fancy is this author's tenth book, and this latest novel is just like the title suggests---a delightful, fanciful flight into romance. The main character Cassandra Bainbridge---of the Daughters of Bainbridge series----is a real hoot. She made me laugh. Oh my goodness, she made me laugh.

I loved Cassandra’s somewhat imperfect nature, her slightly less than perfect looks, her mildly uneven temperament. I get so tired of perfect heroines with stunning looks. Instead, I love a heroine that rises above her disadvantages, and Cassandra Bainbridge is all that.

Deep down Cassandra is a really sweet girl and quite pretty, but bless her . . . she wears spectacles. And thanks to a tragic accident, walks with a painful limp throughout the book. Now this is a character I can relate to.

Due to this accident, Cassandra isn’t thinking as clearly as she used to. To give her sore heart a rest, she rejects the man who wants to marry her, and she escapes into her private world of academic and dangerous interests, including the fanciful interest in ballooning.

Throw in a truly wonderful hero, Lord Whittaker, her former fiancĂ©, who is also not perfect, and you have a romantic romp that takes you away for several hours. Lord Whittaker doesn’t know how to handle his spirited but wounded love, Cassandra, but he tries so hard, and wins my heart as well. At the same time, he is trying to save his mills and his workers’ livelihoods, as well as his mother’s reputation.

I loved this story for its fun, purity, its story where I just want to see the two characters together. The author uses the brilliance we’ve come to expect from her, as she weaves historical detail into the plot, adding depth without pulling the reader out of vivid scenes. At times I really felt like I was up in the clouds in a balloon with Cassandra and Lord Whittaker.

Another big thumbs up to Laurie Alice Eakes for a delightful romance that I recommend for female readers between the ages of 13 and 89.

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This review of Flight of Fancy was written by Christine Lindsay. Drop by her website www.christinelinday.com  

Christine Lindsay is the author of multi-award winning Shadowed in Silk, Book I of the Twilight of the British Raj series, and the soon-to-be released Book II, Captured by Moonlight which is coming out in digital form, February 2013, and in printed book, May 2013.

Captured by Moonlight----From the parched north of India to the tropics of Madras, follow Eshana and Laine as they journey as prisoners---on to a lurking danger from her past, one to her own broken hopes.


  1. Christine, great review! I love Laurie's books and I'm looking forward to reading Flight of Fancy :)

  2. Oh, my. Would that someone would give me a gift certificate to the bookstore. Now I know just what I'd look for. I love Regency and have enormous respect for Regency writers.

    1. Hi Judith, if you like Regency romances then I highly recommend Laurie Alice Eakes. This is an author who really knows her historical era, yet she weaves it all in so that it beautifully sets the stage for a fun romance. Check her out.