Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Pen is Mighty

I was shopping in a little Community Aid Abroad store and needed a card for another author. There was a rack of cards, including one with the caption, "The Pen is Mighty." I paused to think how true those words are. I don't remember whether it was Shakespeare who first wrote the words, "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" but it sounds like it might have been him. How true it turned out to be in his life, anyway. Literally hundreds of his wise or witty lines have made their way into common English usage, spouted by people who don't realise for a moment that they are quoting William Shakespeare.

Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, had a huge role in the abolition of slavery and altering of American history. And way back in ancient history, it was clear to many that the men and women who wrote the plays, stories and propaganda of their times were responsible for firing up many hearts to follow their cause, including the mighty warriors who took their eloquent writing on board. I'm a firm believer that we authors can help promote beneficial changes in readers' hearts through the helpfulness and purity of the words we write. I picked up the card to take to the cashier.

When I glanced at the price sticker on the back, I thought they must have made a mistake. It said $100. Hey, what? At first I assumed it must have been a mis-print for $1 or even $10. Then I realised what I'd been about to do. By purchasing that card, I'd be agreeing to fund the supply of many schools in third world countries with text books and writing tools. I put it back in the rack, thinking how close I'd come to embarrassment, for although I would have been willing to do that, I didn't have the money in my account. I was glad I looked, instead of just trying to buy it.

As it's true, that the pen is mighty, I'd like to encourage all who read this to keep faithfully writing the words in your hearts, trusting that they'll bless, cleanse and inspire those who they are meant to, and may for many years to come.

Paula Vince is a homeschooling mother and award winning author of seven novels, four of which are set in her own beautiful environment, South Australia's Adelaide Hills. 


  1. Yes, the pen is mighty, but the sword seems to be quicker. While we all ply our pens, we need encouragement and patience.

  2. Thanks for that challenge, Paula. Oh, if only I could do that with my words!At least I don't have to wait until my blog is published!

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    1. Rita, I love reading your blog and the true stories of these meetings.

  3. Thanks Paula for that encouraging post and reminder.