Thursday, September 6, 2012

Story Part 2


We left off where 'you' were chosen to be vice-president of the company, chosen by the President.
Obviously 'you' is you and the 'President' is God.

Did you figure out the moral?

Many. Many. Many times in your life you are going to be called to do the most unbelievable/unimaginable/insane/scary/wonderful things that you can't/won't/don't understand.

And people will be mad at you. They will not understand, they will argue with you, they will stop being your friend, they'll use words like, 'God told me you're making the right decision' and will make you feel awful and belittled and stupid. They might even stop being your friend or calling you 'family'. They will threaten you, hurt you, steal from you, break your heart, ignore you.

But deep down, deep down into the bottom of your very soul, you just know that you are called to be doing just that thing.
And now's your choice.
Do you listen to the world, to your best friend, to your co-workers, to your pastor?
Or do you listen to God?

***This is where I enter the caveat: obviously God is not going to ask you to break one of the 10 Commandments so don't think this is an excuse to leave your spouse or cheat on your taxes.***

God has asked me to do the craziest things. Maybe not to you, but for me. He told me it was time to get pregnant when in no uncertain terms did we discuss and tell God that it would not be happening. We don't like children. We want to be selfish. And yet we listened and I can't imagine a life without my little gaffer.

God asked me to leave Paramedic school to be a waitress. Yeah. Because my marriage was suffering.

God asked us to sell our beautiful, home-made, took six months of crazy labour, dream home. We did.

God asked us to stop accepting cash as payment for services rendered. Ouch. We did. (Boy did we get flak for that from family and friends).

God asked us to go to Louisianna and Atlanta for mission trips.

God asked me to cut off some relationships that were unhealthy and poisonous. That took a few years, a lot of pain and counselling to get through my head.

God asked us to move churches...three times! (I know it sounds weird, but honestly, you weren't there.)

God asked me to write my novel.

And every single time I responded, it was awful. It was horrible. But one thing we were always reminded of, is that God will never send us unprepared. That doesn't mean you wait for training, but that He will guide your path perfectly in that direction.

There are two verses in the Bible that are kind of my ... life-verses I guess you could say. I keep waiting for them to change, but they've been the same for years.
1- "Noah did everything just as God commanded him." Genesis 6:22
2- "Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jer 33:3

I love God. He is my Master/King/Father/Love/Redeemer/Saviour/Heart.  When I die, I want Him to say, 'well done faithful servant'. Because that's what I am. His servant. His servant/princess/love/to be redeemed/ to be saved/joy.  I will do what He asks, the way He wants it done.
And I always, always, always ask for wisdom. I want to know great and unsearchable things. I want wisdom beyond my years so I can be an outlet for Him. And so I can understand things. So I can be more compassionate and caring instead of ignorant and apathetic.

So when the President asks you to fill in as Vice-President, say yes. Whole-heartedly. Even when He asks you to make the strangest/hardest changes in your life. He'll show you how, He'll give you the tools and He'll show you how much more wonderful He can make your life.

Still Jenn Kelly. Still writing. Well, not right now, right now I'm reading poetry to get inspired, because I need to finish my book. But the gaffer is home so I can't get too involved in it. And I'm really hungry.


  1. I love your heart, Jenn, and your honesty. Thanks for the challenge. And I'm sure there are many more amazing adventures ahead yet for you with God as you listen and obey. God bless and watch over you.

  2. No matter what we do there are always going to be those who misunderstand and tell us we are doing the wrong thing so all we really can do is obey God and leave the rest to Him.