Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ebook Reader Poll Take Two

About a year ago, I posted a reader poll about ereaders and your book buying habits. So much is changed in the past year, as more and more readers are turning to ebooks. Because of this, I thought I would post basically the same poll and see how our answers reflect the growing changes in technology.

In the next few weeks, I will have available via Amazon the first of my cozy mysteries previously published by Barbour, which is another reason I'm very interested in your input. It's amazing to me how with a few clicks of a button (and a lot of hard work) I can publish my own book online and automatically sell to people all over the world. And the technology and publishing world continues to change very quickly.

So take a few minutes to answer the questions on the poll by going to this link. There is also a link on the top, right hand corner of this blog. I'll leave up the poll link through the end of September then post a comparison between last year and this year later in October.

Happy reading and thanks for your input!


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  1. Didn't go to the poll as I don't read E books and don't have an E reader.

  2. This poll may need to be updated from last year. Many authors are offering their e-book for one day free to get their ratings on Amazon up. I am friends with many authors on my FB page. They announce the free download of not only their books but friends as well.. I download and send the offer out to my friends. I do book reviews as well. I download more free e-books than I buy.
    Probably a 20 to 1 ratio. The free e-books can lead me to a new author and I may purchase another e-book of that author or purchase a favorite paperback for a friend. I still buy some books but I no longer have the bookshelf space I once had. My Kindle goes with me everywhere.
    Cindy Huff

  3. You are right that things are changing and changing quickly. I'm wondering how many of the free books you buy you actually read? I've had to start downloading only books that I am fairly certain I will enjoy (favorite genre, etc) because there are so many and even then I've yet to read most of them.

    I buy books from certain authors or series that I love and those are the one's (the one's I've paid for) that I know I will read. It's great to have so many choices, but I'm also always behind in my reading.

  4. I do use my kindle more than before and I do get alot of free books but I hardly ever read the free books. I got to the point is it really a bargin if I will never read it. I do find there are books I will buy on the kindle and recently got a couple cheaper that I really want. I am so behind in my reading its not funny. since being sick then mum passing away it takes forever to read a book.

  5. I've been thinking the same thing, Jenny. I have so many books on my kindle, and most of them I want to read, but like you I just feel further and further behind. Too many wonderful possibilities. Which means for me, if I'm going to read, it's going to be ones I paid for first. I try to be much more selective (and realistic) about whither or not I will actually read a book before downloading a free one.

    So sorry about your mother and hope you are doing okay now.