Wednesday, June 20, 2012


These past two years WhiteFire has seen an expanding reputation for putting out quality stories and winning awards. Other publishers and readers especially are starting to take notice.

Great things always start out small as an acorn. But by faith and a lot of work, this last year WhiteFire added to their list five new fiction novelists, and they are continuing to look out for more great stories to add to their catalogue.

Sandi Rog is one of the newest authors, with her latest romantic historical Walks Alone which features a young woman from Holland and a Cheyenne warrior. Walks Alone and Sandi’s previous works are winners of several awards.

Golden Keyes Parsons has just signed on to write Hidden Faces, a series of novellas set in biblical times that deals with issues that are pertinent today. I can’t wait to read the first installment of this series that’s coming out this year with WF, Trapped, a story of an adulterous woman who finds redemption. Golden has earned some prestigious writing accolades, including being nominated for the ACFW Book of the Year which is now called the Carol Award.

And three other quality writers have just joined the ranks with their Contemporary Women’s Fiction and Romance:

Susie Finkbeiner with her soon to be released debut, Paint Chips;  April McGown who’s won awards for her magazine writing will have her debut novel, Jasmine, out this year, and June Foster's oh-so-pertinent-for-today, Ryan's Dad (title may change).

Dina Sleiman, Acquisitions Editor for WhiteFire, won Honorable Mention for her Dance of the Dandelions in the 2011 Selah Awards.

My own Shadowed in Silk has recently won its second award, the 2011 Grace Award in addition to the 2009 Genesis.

Coming soon from WhiteFire is the sequel to Shadowed in Silk which is called Captured by Moonlight, as soon as this author finishes writing it. But here's a sneak peak from Pinterest at the beautiful model who will grace the front cover of Captured by Moonlight, as the main character, Laine Harkness. Only picture Laine in a 1921 dress in white voile.

And of course, leaving the cream of the crop for last—WhiteFire’s very first author, Roseanna White, who started everything with her superb A Stray Drop of Blood, and Jewel of Persia which has held steady on the Amazon Bestseller list for Christian Historicals for several months now.

It’s a growing family for sure, and has all the warmth and encouragement of a family. And it’s headed up by a man I have yet to meet in person, David White.

David’s dream started out with his claim that he’s just a man who loved making books, and who is happily married to a woman who loved writing them. They began to build on their shared dream. A vision emerged—a publisher unafraid to tackle the hard topics—so long as the light of the Lord always shone through. From that came their all embracing motto: Where Spirit Meets the Page and WhiteFire Publishing was founded in Maryland, on June 6, 2005.

To keep up with the exciting growth of WhiteFire, go to the brand new WhiteFire FaceBook page.

I’m proud to be a WhiteFire writer. They have truly opened the door for me to tell the stories that are the motto for my own writing—Stories that give hope and strengthen faith on the long journey of life.

Shadowed in Silk, see book trailer below


  1. It's such an honor to get to work with you and our other fabulous authors, Christine! We're nothing without your stories.

  2. I am thrilled to be a part of this up-and-coming house. The quality of writing that is coming from the awesome authors listed above is exciting and challenging. Thanks for giving WhiteFire a "shout-out."

  3. Wow! Thanks Christine for that insight into this publishing house and what it's doing and congrats on your Grace award.

  4. Thank you for this overview of WhiteFire. Good to know some of the ins and outs.