Monday, December 19, 2016

Best of the ICFW Archives ~ Mind Control

By PA Baines

In my last post I covered my encounter with Buddhism. Today, I would like to describe my experiences with the Silva Method (also called Silva Mind Control).

The Silva Method was developed by Jose Silva back in the 1940's as a means of increasing the IQ of his children through relaxation, visualization, and the activation of higher brain functions by inducing "alpha" brain-wave activity. His idea was that most people use the left, or logical, side of their brain almost exclusively. By learning to us the right, or creative, side, he believed it would be possible for people to gain access to information stored in their subconscious. The end result was Silva Mind Control, which he started marketing commercially in the 1960s.

I was nineteen when my wife (then my girlfriend) and I attended a Silva Mind Control seminar over a weekend. I had just finished the end of my second year of Psychology. I was intrigued by the human mind and how it works, particularly with regarding to memory, learning, and the possibility for extra-sensory capabilities. The claims of the Silva Method caught my eye. They seemed to fit in perfectly with my interest in meditation and my quest for self-improvement. I asked my wife to join me on a two-day course. She was a little hesitant, but agreed. At that point she was a Christian but, through negative input from significant others earlier in her life, not a practising one.

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