Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Best of the ICFW Archives ~ LOVE, an acronym: The Re-birth Story (Part 3)

By Marion Ueckermann

When I last posted on the Re-birth Story in November, we had left the team of five worshipping at a concert in Keuruu, Finnish style.

It’s now the twenty-first day of their month­-long journey and they have already covered 8665km through eleven different countries across Europe. In this last third of their outreach, they will nearly double this amount of land traversed.

Two-thirds of their faith journey are already complete. But on this day they are really down. Not only are the team weary, they are heartsore. Today they left Samuel behind. His journey through Europe with Re-birth has come to an end as he joins his family for a short holiday in Finland before heading back home to Sweden to prepare for university. The bus journey is silent. Nobody is smiling much today ... their hearts are too heavy.

Soon they are on a train heading north to Oulu. Their friend, Tiia, having driven back to Oulu that morning where she attends university, meets them at the station to bid them a last goodbye. Within two and a half hours they arrive in Haparanda, just ovr the Swedish border. It’s dinner time, and they are hungry.

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