International Christian Fiction

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Blood Ransom (Mission Hope 1) by Lisa Harris
Blood Covenant (Mission Hope 2) by Lisa Harris 


Romantic Suspense

Desert Secrets by Lisa Harris 



Congo Dawn by Jeanette Windle

The Six-Liter Club by Harry Kraus 



An Ocean Away by Lisa Harris

South Africa

General Fiction

No Greater Love by Kathi Macias 

Young Adult

Keeping Secrets by Leanne Hardy 


Rachel's Blessing (Love in South Africa 1) by Ashley Winter
Deborah's Choice (Love in South Africa 2) by Ashley Winter
Tanya's Hope (Love in South Africa 3) by Ashley Winter
Gemma's Joy (Love in South Africa 4) by Ashley Winter

Romantic Suspense

Deadly Safari by Lisa Harris 

Finding Mia by Dianne J. Wilson 

The Other You by Marion Ueckermann  



Scared by Tom Davis


Romantic Suspense

Ghost Heart by Lynne Gentry and Lisa Harris


Contemporary Romance

Orphaned Hearts by Marion Ueckermann 


Contemporary Romance

Falling for the Farmer (Snowgum Creek 1) by Narelle Atkins 
The Bridesmaid’s Hero (A Snowgum Creek novella 1.5) by Narelle Atkins
The Nurse’s Perfect Match (Snowgum Creek 2) by Narelle Atkins 
The Doctor’s Return (Snowgum Creek 3) by Narelle Atkins 

Her Tycoon Hero (Sydney Sweethearts 1) by Narelle Atkins 
Winning Over the Heiress (Sydney Sweethearts 2) by Narelle Atkins
Seaside Proposal (Sydney Sweethearts 3) by Narelle Atkins 
Seaside Christmas (A Sydney Sweethearts Novella 3.5) by Narelle Atkins

His Perfect Catch (A Sapphire Bay Novella) by Narelle Atkins 

Solo Tu (Tuscan Legacy 7) by Narelle Atkins

The Greenfield Legacy by Rose Dee, Amanda Deed, Meredith Resce and Paula Vince

Return to Baragula (Baragula 1) by Mary Hawkins
Outback from Baragula (Baragula 2) by Mary Hawkins
Justice at Baragula (Baragula 3) by Mary Hawkins

Then There Was You by Kara Isaac
All Made Up by Kara Isaac

Melbourne Memories (A Heart of Australia novella) by Marion Ueckermann 

Imogen’s Chance by Paula Vince 
Best Forgotten by Paula Vince

General Fiction

The Inheritance by Jo-Anne Berthelsen 
All the Days of My Life by Jo-Anne Berthelsen 
Laura by Jo-Anne Berthelsen 
Jenna by Jo-Anne Berthelsen 
Helena’s Legacy by Jo-Anne Berthelsen 

Fire in the Rock by Rita Galieh

Streets on a Map by Dale Harcombe

Historical Romance

The Greenfield Legacy by Rose Dee, Amanda Deed, Meredith Resce and Paula Vince

Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Rita Galieh
The Tie That Binds by Rita Galieh
A Parcel of Promises by Rita Galieh

Waltzing Matilda (The Captive Bride Collection) by Lucy Thompson

Speculative Fiction

Angelguard by Ian Acheson 

New Zealand

Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Close to You by Kara Isaac
Then There Was You by Kara Isaac

General Fiction

The Pounamu Prophesy by Cindy Williams

Urban Fantasy

Rotovegas (Earthcore 1) by Grace Bridges



Veiled Freedom by Jeanette Windle
Freedom’s Stand by Jeanette Windle


In a Foreign Land by Janice L Dick

Red Ink (Extreme Devotion 3) by Kathi Macias 


Historical Fiction

Shadowed in Silk (Twilight Of The British Raj 1) by Christine Lindsay 
Captured by Moonlight (Twilight Of The British Raj 2) by Christine Lindsay 
Veiled at Midnight  (Twilight Of The British Raj 3) by Christine Lindsay 


Futuristic Thriller

The Jihad’s Messiah by Nick Daniels


Biblical Fiction

The Keeper's Crown by Nathan D Maki

Saudi Arabia

General Fiction

People of the Book by Kathi Macias


Deliver Me From Evil (Freedom 1) by KathiMacias
Special Delivery (Freedom 2) by KathiMacias


Historical Romance

Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Catherine West



The Unforgiveable by Tessa Stockton 



Crossfire by Jeanette Windle



The Unspeakable by Tessa Stockton 



Betrayed by Jeanette Windle


General Fiction

More than Conquerors (Extreme Devotion 2) by Kathi Macias
A Christmas Journey Home by Kathi Macias
The Delivery (Freedom 3) by Kathi Macias


Contemporary Romance

Secretly Yours by Valerie Comer (Riverbend Romance Book 1)
Pinky Promise by Valerie Comer (Riverbend Romance Book 2)
Sweet Seranade by Valerie Comer (Riverbend Romance Book 3)
Team Bride by Valerie Comer (Riverbend Romance Book 4)
Merry Kisses by Valerie Comer (Riverbend Romance Book 5) 


One Smooth Stone by Marcia Laycock
A Tumbled Stone by Marcia Layock

Romantic Suspense

Deadly Devotion by Sandra Orchard 
Fatal Inheritance by Sandra Orchard 
Deep Cover by Sandra Orchard 
Shades of Truth by Sandra Orchard 
Critical Condition by Sandra Orchard 

Romantic Mystery

Deadly Devotion (Port Aster Secrets 1) by Sandra Orchard 
Blind Trust (Port Aster Secrets 2) by Sandra Orchard 
Desperate Measures (Port Aster Secrets 3) by Sandra Orchard 

United States of America

Contemporary Romance

Sow in Love (Garden Grown Romance 0) by Valerie Comer
Sprouts of Love (Garden Grown Romance 1) by Valerie Comer
Rooted in Love (Garden Grown Romance 2) by Valerie Comer
Harvest of Love (Garden Grown Romance 3) by Valerie Comer

Raspberries and Vinegar (Farm Fresh Romance 1) by Valerie Comer 
Wild Mint Tea (Farm Fresh Romance 2) By Valerie Comer 
Sweetened with Honey (Farm Fresh Romance 3) by Valerie Comer 
Dandelions for Dinner (Farm Fresh Romance 4) by Valerie Comer 
Plum Upside Down (Farm Fresh Romance 5) by Valerie Comer 
Berry on Top (Farm Fresh Romance 6) by Valerie Comer 

Secrets of Sunbeams (Urban Farm Fresh Romance 1) by Valerie Comer 
Butterflies on Breezes (Urban Farm Fresh Romance 2) by Valerie Comer 
Memories of Mist (Urban Farm Fresh Romance 3) by Valerie Comer 
Wishes on Wildflowers (Urban Farm Fresh Romance 4) by Valerie Comer 

The Cowboy's Mixed-Up Matchmaker by Valerie Comer 

Flavors of Forever (Urban Farm Fresh Romance 5) by Valerie Comer 

More Than a Tiara (Christmas In Montana Romance 1) by Valerie Comer 
Other than a Halo (Christmas In Montana Romance 2) by Valerie Comer 
Better than a Crown (Christmas in Montana Romance 3) by Valerie Comer
Topaz Treasure (Rainbow’s End) by Valerie Comer

Southern Fried Sushi (Southern Fried Sushi 1) by Jennifer Rogers Spinola
Like Sweet Potato Pie (Southern Fried Sushi 2) by Jennifer Rogers Spinola
Til Grits do Us Part (Southern Fried Sushi 3) by Jennifer Rogers Spinola

A Christmas to Remember by Valerie Comer and seven other authors

Somewhere Beyond the Blue by Marion Ueckermann and four other authors

Recovering Hope (Potters House 14) by Marion Ueckermann

General Fiction

I Always Cry at Weddings by Sara Goff 

Unexpected Christmas Hero by Kathi Macias

Historical Fiction

An Ocean Away by Lisa Harris

Sofi’s Bridge by Christine Lindsay 

The Moses Quilt by Kathi Macias 

The Doctor’s Christmas Quilt by Kathi Macias 

The Ruby Ring by Karen Rees 

Historical Romance

Last Chance for Justice by Kathi Macias 

Yellowstone Memories (Novella Collection) by Jennifer Rogers Spinola 


A Fool and His Money (Serena Jones Mysteries 1) by Sandra Orchard 
Another Day, Another Dali (Serena Jones Mysteries 2) by Sandra Orchard 
Over Maya Dead Body (Serena Jones Mysteries 3) by Sandra Orchard 

The Hound and the Fury (Amish Inn Mysteries 17) by Sandra Orchard 

Romantic Suspense

Deadly Exchange by Lisa Harris 

Stolen Identity by Lisa Harris 

Dangerous Passage (Southern Crimes 1) by Lisa Harris 
Fatal Exchange (Southern Crimes 2) by Lisa Harris 
Hidden Agenda (Southern Crimes 3) by Lisa Harris 

Vendetta (The Nikki Boyd Files 1) by Lisa Harris 
Missing (The Nikki Boyd Files 2) by Lisa Harris 
Pursued (The Nikki Boyd Files 3) by Lisa Harris 
Vanishing Point: A Nikki Boyd Novel by Lisa Harris

Perilous Waters by Sandra Orchard 
Identity Withheld by Sandra Orchard 
Emergency Reunion by Sandra Orchard 

A Secret to Die for by Lisa Harris


Salty Like Blood by Harry Kraus

Firestorm by Jeanette Windle


General Fiction

Helena by Jo-Anne Berthelsen 



Glastonbury: A Novel of the Holy Grail by Donna Fletcher Crow 

Historical Mystery

A Very Private Grave (The Monastery Murders 1) by Donna Fletcher Crow 
A Darkly Hidden Truth (The Monastery Murders 2) by Donna Fletcher Crow 
An Unholy Communion (The Monastery Murders 3) by Donna Fletcher Crow 
A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary (The Monastery Murders 4) by Donna Fletcher Crow 

A Most Inconvenient ­­Death (The Lord Danvers Investigates 1) by Donna Fletcher Crow 
Grave Matters (The Lord Danvers Investigates 2) by Donna Fletcher Crow 
To Dust You Shall Return (The Lord Danvers Investigates 3) by Donna Fletcher Crow 
A Tincture of Murder (The Lord Danvers Investigates 4) by Donna Fletcher Crow 
A Lethal Spectre (Lord Danvers Investigates 5) by Donna Fletcher Crow  

Romantic Suspense

A Jane Austen Encounter (The Elizabeth And Richard Mysteries 3) by Donna Fletcher Crow 

Contemporary Romance

Can’t Help Falling by Kara Isaac 

A Match for Magnolia by Marion Ueckermann (Seven Suitors For Seven Sisters 1)
A Romance for Rose by Marion Ueckermann (Seven Suitors For Seven Sisters 2)
A Hero for Heather by Marion Ueckermann (Seven Suitors For Seven Sisters 3)
A Husband for Holly by Marion Ueckermann (Seven Suitors For Seven Sisters 4)

La Fiama Sacra (Tuscan Legacy 5) by Clare Revell

General Fiction

The Inheritance by Jo-Anne Berthelsen 

Historical Fiction

The Doctor’s Christmas Quilt by Kathi Macias 

Regency Romance

The Elusive Miss Ellison (Regency Brides 1) by Carolyn Miller
The Captivating Lady Charlotte (Regency Brides 2) by Carolyn Miller
The Dishonourable Miss Delancey (Regency Brides 3) by Carolyn Miller

Winning Miss Winthrop (Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope 1) by Carolyn Miller
Miss Serena's Secret (Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope 2) by Carolyn Miller
The Making of Mrs Hale (Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope 3)  by Carolyn Miller


Contemporary Romance

Helsinki Sunrise (Passport To Romance) by Marion Ueckermann 
Poles Apart by Marion Ueckermann 


Romantic Suspense

Taken by Lisa Harris 

Historical Fiction

The Doctor’s Christmas Quilt by Kathi Macias 


Women’s Fiction

A Season to Dance by Patricia Beal


Contemporary Romance

Ginger and Brad’s House (Heart Of Christmas) By Marion Ueckermann 


Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges 



Valeria’s Cross by Kathi Macias and Susan Wales

Romantic Suspense

Fatal Cover-Up by Lisa Harris

Contemporary Romance

That's Amore (Tuscan Legacy 1) by Marion Ueckermann 
Ti Amo (Tuscan Legacy 4) by Marion Ueckermann 


Romantic Suspense

Deadly Exchange by Lisa Harris

Northern Ireland

Contemporary Romance

Londonderry Dreaming (Passport To Romance) by Christine Lindsay

Spring’s Promise (Heart of Ireland Romance 1) by Marion Ueckermann

Science Fiction

Mariah’s Dream (The Vortex Of √Čire Book 1) by Grace Bridges


Contemporary Romance

Oslo Overtures (Passport To Romance) by Marion Ueckermann 


Historical Fiction

Other Side of the River by Janice L. Dick 


Priceless by Tom Davis


Contemporary Romance

A Lesson in Love (The Macleans: Fraser Series 3) by Autumn Macarthur 

Glasgow Grace (Passport To Romance) by Marion Ueckermann

Historical Romance

Highland Hearts by Eva Maria Hamilton 


Science Fiction

Legendary Space Pilgrims by Grace Bridges

Hanzet by P.A. Baines 
Alpha Revelation by P.A. Baines 
Alpha Redemption by P.A. Baines 

Alternate Universe


Rhuanna's Flight and other stories by Jeanette O'Hagan
Stone of the Sea by Jeanette O'Hagan

Affinity by Dianne J Wilson
Resonance by Dianne J Wilson

Guardian of Ajalob by Joan Campbell

Fantasy Romance

Majai’s Fury by Valerie Comer 

Wind’s Aria by Tessa Stockton 

Jackson Jones 1: The Tale Of A Boy, An Elf And A Very Stinky Fish by Jenn L. Kelly
Jackson Jones 2: The Tale Of A Boy, A Troll And A Rather Large Chicken by Jenn L. Kelly 


Soul Friend: The Story Of A Shared Spiritual Journey By Jo-Anne Berthelsen 

Meditations and Devotions

Strength Renewed: Meditations For Your Journey Through Breast Cancer By Shirley Corder 

From Eden With Love. 31 Biblical Devotions To Meditate On God’s Heart For Marriage By Ray Hawkins 
Children: God's Special Interest. 31 Biblical Devotions To Meditate On God’s Heart For Children By Ray Hawkins 
Captured By Calvary. 31 Biblical Devotions To Meditate On The Cross - God's Glory By Ray Hawkins
Bethlehem's Warrior Baby. 31 Biblical Devotions To Meditate On The Christian Conquest By Ray Hawkins 

Abundant Rain, Devotional E-Book For Writers By Marcia Lee Laycock 

Just for Fun

Jane Austen's Sense And Sensibility Colouring and Activity Book (Jane Austen's Colouring And Activity Books) by Eva Maria Hamilton

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