Friday, May 11, 2012

DEVOTION: Driving Through by Marcia Lee Laycock

I was inching forward in the drive-thru at Tim Horton’s coffee shop the other day, and feeling a little sorry for myself. Well, okay, maybe a little more than a little. I’d had an email from my publisher telling me a statement of the sales for my novel, One Smooth Stone, was on its way. He also said the sales “weren’t what we were hoping for.” As I pondered what that meant I sighed, noting he had not mentioned a royalty cheque.
Good thing I had just signed on to begin a new job, stocking book racks for a small distribution company. The books are all Christian and the money is surprisingly good, but in my pity-party mood I grumbled about helping to sell other people’s books instead of my own. I wondered if God was trying to humble me.
Just as that thought came into my head I pulled alongside a large garbage bin. A woman dressed in the Tim’s uniform approached it at the same time. She was attractive, even in the uniform, and looked just a bit younger than me. She tugged the large bag out of the receptacle and went about replacing it with a new one.
Well, at least I’m not doing that, I thought. Then she looked up and gave me the most amazing beaming smile. I recovered from my shock just in time to smile back.
As I drove away sipping my coffee I pondered what had just happened. That woman’s beaming smile told me that she did not consider it demeaning in any way to be changing that garbage bag. I don’t know if she is a believer in Christ, but she certainly seemed to have his attitude about service.
And I was humbled. I realized God was trying to wake me up to the fact that being content and even happy doesn’t depend on what my work is or on how many books I sell, it depends on what I believe about myself and about Him.
I began to examine those two things in relation to one another. Who am I? A child of Christ, loved beyond measure and blessed to an abundance that is staggering. What do I believe about God? That He wants only my good and will move heaven and earth to bring me to an awareness of his goodness and glory.
Funny thing. I glanced in the mirror and noticed I had the most amazing beaming smile.

Marcia Lee Laycock writes from central Alberta Canada where she is a pastor's wife and mother of three adult daughters. She was the winner of The Best New Canadian Christian Author Award for her novel, One Smooth Stone and also has two devotional books in print. Her work has been endorsed by Sigmund Brouwer, Janette Oke, Phil Callaway and Mark Buchanan. The sequel to One Smooth Stone will be released in March, 2012. A collection of devotionals for writers has just been released here. Visit Marcia's website.


  1. oof. that's a good one, isn't it? huzzah for humility!!!
    thanks Marcia!!!

  2. Makes you think about how we measure "success."

  3. Thanks so much for this, Marcia. You're so right. We have our own way of measuring success. I've just finished an article looking at the call of David and how specific God was in His choice. He didn't look for the tallest, best looking. It's somehow easier to read about than to practice!