Friday, February 23, 2018

Devotion-Bold Faith

By Lorraine Goulton | @ICFWriters

Pressing in

"Have you heard about this man called Jesus? He’s coming now!! He heals people of their diseases!! He is coming up from the beach!!" "Thank you for telling me, my friend"- she replied excitedly- racing out the door; gathering her skirt above her ankles. I am going to touch Him-she said to herself. She pulled back the brocade curtain covering the doorway to join the crowd. My money is all gone. I have nothing to lose! Oh!! how wonderful to leave my prison of 12 years. There He is!!! There He is!! I am going to press in to touch the hem of his garment.

Audacious Confidence

Bold faith clings to a Person- refusing to take no for an answer while putting a demand on God.The woman in Mark 5 verse 24 to 34 had suffered much with a haemorrhage for 12 years and was no better. She had spent all she had. Now she was willing to go to the only One who carried her life in His hands. She had such audacious confidence in Jesus that she was willing to be buffeted by the crowd.

She reached out and touched the hem of His garment. There had to have been something very special about her faith that caused the virtue to flow out of the Son of Man that brought about her healing.

Unrivalled faith

How do we develop such a Faith? Is it a faith that proclaims I’m going after this and it is the only thing I’m going to do? It is faith that is unrivalled in its pursuit and passion. He wants you to flex the muscles of your faith and implore Him. Jesus knows the ripple effect her faith will make.

Jesus is looking for bold faith

God is after your confidence in Him… but so is the enemy. Somehow the enemy knows that if he has your confidence, the rest is easy. If you choose to have an unshakeable confidence in Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit, nothing is going to stand in your way. Verse 28 Amplified: She KEPT saying If I only touch his garments, I shall be restored to health. Verse 28 NIV: because she thought “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed” What are the things YOU keep saying? What are the things YOU think about in regard to your haemorrhage?.... that area of your life that has not shifted in 12 years; that painful event that has caused you to ‘bleed out’ all of your confidence?

Confidence equals faith

This unnamed woman was after a transfusion of healing and it came in the form of a Person- the Person who knew that her healing was never going to come from a pill, a potion or a poison but a Portion of the Healing Presence of Jesus. She positioned herself to be in the Presence of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. When He saw her faith and her determined confidence; that He is who He says He is and He does what He says He will do; virtue flowed from Him.

Jesus knew that someone had touched His garment. He stopped and took the time to look for that some one. He will stop for you too. There is mighty power in having a faith and a confidence that touches Him. There was a great crowd around Him but there was only one that touched Him in such a way that moved Him. The same applies today. Many are following Jesus but are you touching Him with a boldness and a confidence that demonstrates your unshakeable faith?

Jesus sought her out; her faith undaunted by the crowd pressing in on Jesus. He made eye contact with her. Her faith in Jesus activated her intrinsic identity when Jesus acknowledged her. He confirmed her true identity when He called her Daughter; no longer unnamed. She had been unclean and imprisoned by her bleeding. No wonder she could leave Jesus presence in peace; freed from her suffering and commended by Jesus for her faith. Her faith was like a passport-giving her authority to go to a new destination in Christ. I wonder if your "faith passport" need updating?

About Lorraine Goulton
Lorraine is a novice writer living in Masterton, North Island, New Zealand. Frequently seen in the company of one of her 13 grandchildren, she works 4 days a week as a Psychogeriatric Nurse Specialist. Her husband Colin-a retired Pastor-keeps the home fires burning. Lorraine is working on a book about Our Identity in Christ as she has a desire to see Christians walk in the fullness of their identity in Christ. Very soon, she will start work on a regular blog. She loves writing and making up silly stories and songs for her Grandchildren. This is her very first public post !!
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  1. Hi Lorraine, Welcome to ICFW :) Thanks for sharing your first blog post with us and challenging us to think about our 'faith passport'.

    1. Thankyou Narelle for your welcome and encouragement :)

  2. Hi Lorraine, great having you on ICFW. I'm excited to read about your project on Our Identity in Christ - this is so critical isn't it to really understanding how loved we are and what a life we have in walking with Jesus.

    I hope we see more of your writing in the future.

    1. Hi Ian, Many thanks for your encouragement! Yes-- in my humble opinion, knowing who we are in Christ is foundational - THAT book will not be fiction. I have ideas of an fiction project also about identity swirling around in my head :)

      swirling around in my mind as well :)

  3. So happy to have you writing here, my friend!! Great first post and a great reminder to pursue Him with boldness and confidence xx

    1. Yay Leila !!!:) Thankyou for your encouragement :) Big hugs xx

  4. Cingrats on first block. Looking forward to more.