Thursday, January 25, 2018

Embracing the Unexpected

by Janice L. Dick / @JaniceDick54

You Have Arrived…or Not

You might think that once authors have published, they have arrived. In one sense that’s true, but only for a brief time. A first—or fiftieth—novel is a milestone, but it does not mean that success is here to stay. It means there's more work ahead.

There are many and varied life experiences that can derail a writer from his or her work, whether short- or long-term.

Life continues to challenge most of us on an irregular basis, keeping us on our toes. As Christians, we have declared Jesus to be our King, our Leader. But often, we chafe at the so-called interruptions that draw us away from our writing.

Sometimes it’s not the outside world that can derail us, but our own attempts to control our lives. We may think we are our own boss, but that’s not true. A Christians, we commit our days and times to Jesus, seek his guidance and direction, and strive to obey.

To Write or to Live

Writing and living are not exclusive. They mix and meld and challenge us to be real about our faith. What is the Lord asking of us today? This very moment?


I’ve been thinking a lot about planning and setting goals recently, as befits the time of year, but I’m finding it entirely different this year. Due to a family situation in 2017, I did not achieve my writing goals. It’s easy in these circumstances to allow defeatism to enter into the picture, but I can’t let that happen. After all, there are times when the living takes precedence, only to provide credible story content later. Perhaps much later. We can’t interfere with God’s plan for us, but put ourselves before him daily and ask him for his strength and direction.

God’s Love Changes Everything

I’m ever so thankful we have a God who loves us, lives in us, and uses us to achieve his goals. We are special in his eyes, a good thing to remember when life takes an unexpected turn.

Whether you are a reader, a writer, or both, I encourage you to join me in trusting more fully the God who is willing to use us in his service.

Blessings to you in 2018.

About Janice L. Dick

Janice L. Dick is an award-winning author who writes from her rural home in Saskatchewan, Canada. She writes contemporary and historical fiction, blogs, book reviews, and inspirational articles. In September 2016, Janice became the first recipient of the prestigious Janette Oke award, presented by the InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.

In 2016 Janice established her indie imprint: Tansy & Thistle Press: faith, fiction, forum, and has since released two more historical novels. Find out more at her website.

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