Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Best of the ICFW Archives ~ From Candlelit Cellar to Cosy Writers’ Studio

By Marion Ueckermann

Hopefully you’ve been following my blogs on the Jonker wine estate, Weltevrede, meaning ‘well satisfied’. 

If you haven’t read them yet, go to:

The first intriguing thing my husband, son and I did on this hundred year old wine estate was wine-tasting by candlelight in an underground cellar. This was a first for me. Steyn Fullard, Marketing Manager of Weltevrede, was our host on this unusual experience.

Steyn led us to what looked like a warehouse where large wooden doors led us inside to the cement cisterns beneath the earth. It was dark, damp, and musty. And it was quiet. Candles lit our way as we walked through low-roofed, cemented corridors, moving from one cistern to the next. It felt like we were inside catacombs, as if we had stepped back in time.

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