Friday, November 24, 2017

The End is but another Beginning.

The book has climaxed. The story told. Emotions roll in, roll over, roll on. But, for me, the writer, two words sum up and underscore the years gone by: The End!

Does that mean I have no more to say, give or experience? No! It is my recognition of one task fulfilled and now I scan the horizon for what’s new from God for me to do.

I wonder what verdict, if any, would be passed upon my writings. Being a Devotional writer of no importance, I understood my competitor’s advantages. How could I surpass or even draw near to Spurgeon, W. Barclay, Watchman Nee or Oswald Chambers. In a saturated market why even bother! Most folk wouldn’t understand but maybe you do. I had to write. I had a story to share. I wanted those within my sphere of influence to know about God’s grace and His Word.

Would it have been easier to simply buy and give one of those more famous author’s works to family and friends. Sure. But where’s my testimony in that to those who know me and my journey into faith and commitment to Christ Jesus. My readership is small but in many ways they're a captive audience. It was to them, and a few others I believe God insisted I write.

As I look back over the years what are my assessments regarding my words on paper? It was hard work, yet I loved it. I count it a privilege to have written a word to honour the Lord, challenge unbelief or ignorance and be a witness to grace. Has it been profitable? No! Well, not in monetary terms. However, I look at the cost through my calling. It is, for me, part of ‘take up your cross and follow me’ Jesus laid upon me. My cross had a pen and paper attached. They had to be used. Was I ever depressed by small sales or being sidelined by bookshops for more well-known authors? Disappointed yes, depressed no! This I do know, someone has read something of mine and the Lord will have used it. I count that a privilege and worth the price invested in the writing.

So, as I near the end of my journey I am grateful to Him for the trust He invested in me to write about Him and His word.

Jesus didn’t call me to be famous. He asked me to be faithful. As His word never returns empty from its mission I believe its expression through my ‘pen’ will make a difference to someone, somewhere.

In drawing this to its conclusion I express my gratitude to those who have made my words enter into print. For those who have read something of my heart may you have been drawn closer to the Lord and His word. Thank you all for including me in the demanding, the exhilarating, the costly and the wonderful world of being a Christian writer.

Ray and Mary
                                                The End.
But- wait a minute -what's that appearing on the horizon? Guess I'll just have to wait and see what eventuates!
Copyright, Ray Hawkins Nov 2017.


  1. Many thanks for all the devotions through the years. I'm glad you saw that as soon as your write "The End" the Lord says, "Huh? I've got more work for you!" Christians don't have to option to RETIRE. They RETYRE - and set off on another adventure. :-)

    1. Hi Shirley. Been good to share space and time with you and your writing. Thanks for your encouragement over the years. I agree, there is no retirement clause in our calling but there seems to be redirection according to life's seasons. Keep you pen (a.k.a. computer) flowing.

  2. for an early romance of mine that ended with the hero and heroine getting together--what else? I put The Beginning rather than The End