Monday, August 14, 2017

This Offer Is Open To…

Posted by Valerie Comer

Ever get tired of reading the following disclaimer? “This offer is open to residents of the continental USA only.”

Yes, the publishing world revolves around the United States of America, and most of our books, both digital and paperback, are sold to American readers. But, as international authors, don’t we wish to reach out to readers in other countries? Don’t we wish we could include them in giveaways, too? Readers of International Christian Fiction Writers, don’t you want to be included?

Authors, if you’ve given away paperbacks and mailed them internationally, you already know what a hit that can take to your bank balance. I live in British Columbia, Canada, and once mailed a signed paperback to Ontario. The cheapest postage still came in at a higher cost than the retail price of the paperback! Ouch! I can’t afford to do that very often.

But it still bugs me when I don’t qualify for a giveaway because of where I live — even though I totally get it — and it still bugs me when I have to limit one of my own giveaways by geography.

So I’m delighted to announce that Inspy Romance, a website dedicated to Christian contemporary romance, is offering an international paperback giveaway this summer, along with a group of paperback bundles slated for USA delivery.

We ran this international giveaway in our February Birthday Bash, and found not many of our commenters admitted to living outside the USA. So… if you’re a reader of Christian contemporary romance (and aren’t one of the Inspy Romance blogging authors), please swing by Inspy Romance and comment as many times as you’d like between now and September 11, 2017. Please give your country of residence in your comment(s). And let your friends and neighbors know!

How are we able to offer an international paperback giveaway? By utilizing the Book Depository to send out the winner’s books. (In 2013, I posted about how Book Depository works.) However, if we can’t grow our international readership, we won’t be able to continue offering this particular giveaway.

What’s included in this bundle? Four paperbacks and four e-books.

Paperback books:
o The Soldier’s Secret Child by Lee Tobin McClain
o Muffins and Moonbeams by Elizabeth Maddrey
o An Informal Introduction by Heather Gray
o Sprouts of Love by Valerie Comer

o His Father’s Son by Autumn Macarthur
o A Love Song for Kayla by Kimberly Rose Johnson
o Calming the Storm by Melanie D. Snitker
o Love’s Choice by Ginger Solomon

Enter early. Enter often. And help us spread the word!

Psst, American readers of ICFW: you’re welcome to come on by and enter, as well! We’re always happy to have new readers join the community at Inspy Romance.

Full details and a complete list of prizes can be found here.


  1. Awesome! I'll share this on my Facebook page, Val

  2. thanks for the info....signing up now

  3. Valerie, thanks for sharing our Inspy Romance giveaways here :)

    1. We need more internationals to comment, or we'll have to discontinue the international paperback giveaway! So I hope this helps.