Thursday, August 3, 2017

Best of the ICFW Archives ~ The Woman Who Wore The Black And Blue Sari

By Christine Lindsay

It’s a bit unnerving when I write a novel only to meet someone real just like the fictional person I created. Except for one difference—the real life person had a more horrendous experience than anything I could ever cook up as an author. And believe me—I can cook up some tough situations. In Shadowed in Silk and Captured by Moonlight, I put my female characters--Indian and American--through some hard circumstances from abusive men.

But all that I concocted blew off like a dandelion in a stiff breeze when I met Kamal Dhillon.

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  1. Christine, what to say about such sadism? And to know these things are happening all over the world, especially in countries where a woman's value is negligible. So very very sad. Yet how tremendously courageous is this woman to write about the horror she has endured.