Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Kiss

I must admit, I am a hopeless romantic, and quite enjoy snuggling up with a sweet romance. I love watching fledgling attraction deepen into something more meaningful as a couple is led to that breathtaking moment when their lips meet and... *sigh*

So let's look at some of the different ways of kissing--ahem--I mean writing about kissing. 

1. Just say it: I have read quite a few sweet romances and that is exactly what the authors do. "They kissed". Sometimes they elaborate...sometimes they don't. While I feel a first kiss deserves something more, not every kiss has to light up fireworks. Sometimes a simple smack is all you need.  

2. The five senses: Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. You can have a lot of fun with these ones, so mix it up to keep each kiss unique. Now, most people close their eyes when kissing, but if your charactor is a little nervous, watchfulness is often a result. For a more romantic interlude, pleasant tastes and smells go a long ways.

3. Emotional state: Kisses often bring out emotions, and if they don't...something is wrong and they should probably stop kissing and fill their time with other activities. So play with emotions as they affect everything from depth to duration of said kiss. 

4. Mental state: What is in that person's head? Or maybe they aren't thinking--at least not rationally. Let us know. 

My little list might look simple, but pick one and play with it, making each kiss unique in its own right. Also, you can say a lot about your charactor by what they are focused on. Are they only aware of the physical sensation, or are they too caught up in the emotional pull? Maybe neither. They might not be able to get past the garlic on the the other person's breath. What a way to ruin the moment. 

So what are your favorite kisses? You will note I don't have time to look up examples of these, so maybe you can help me out. :) 

Completing his three years in the Continental Army, Daniel Reid still has no desire to return home—not after losing the woman he loves to a British Captain—so he volunteers to ride south through enemy lines and deliver a message to Colonel Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. With his temper needing a release and a dark haired beauty finding her way into his broken heart, Daniel decides to join the Swamp Fox’s efforts against the British. Little does he know the British still have the upper hand.
Lydia Reynolds has learned that love comes at a price, and she refuses to pay. Better to close her heart to everything and everyone. When her brother-in-law won’t grant her passage to England, where she hopes to hide from her pain, New Englander, Daniel Reid, becomes her only hope—if she can induce him to give her information about the notorious Swamp Fox and his troops. When the British grow impatient and Daniel evades her questions, Lydia must decide how far to take her charade. The poor man, already gutted by love, hasn’t grown as wise as she. Or so she supposes…
Until the truth is known, the muskets are loaded…and it is time to decide where true loyalties lie.
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