Thursday, May 18, 2017

Another SCAM?

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion on something that could appeal to other authors.
Reaching for the moon

I have had several offers of interested parties – always concerned my Indie Published books will get the best exposure. One was a vanity press from the US who promised wonderful publicity … as long as I bought 1,000 copies.
This unique phone offer was that they would be prepared to set up my book at the Frankfurt International Book Fair. After several minutes of hype and a final pressure to accept as a “first come first served basis” I demurred saying I never did business over the phone. Almost immediately I received their publicity in my email box.
Wow, so impressive! READ ON ….. (note grammar)

“Discover how first time, unknown, self-published authors sell their book rights and gets a 5-figure book advance.”
Perhaps no venue on Earth reaches the depth and breadth of the publishing industry…
Have your book acquired by Traditional Publishers
Sell your other book rights (e.g. Translations, Film & TV rights, etc.)
Physically promote and sell copies of your book to booksellers (bookstores and libraries)
Expand your book’s market
Saving You the Hassle and Your Money
Attending the Frankfurt Book Fair is a big expense and requires not just a financial commitment, but also a large time commitment. Remember that you’ll need to do plenty of research and planning ahead to make the Fair a success for you.
Authors who does not have an invitation would need to spend $4,000 - $8,000 just to participate as they need to travel to Frankfurt, Germany and get themselves a stand to showcase their book.
However, LitFire is inviting you to be one of the authors whom we will represent in the Frankfurt Book Fair, so you do not have to spend for travel and save you the hassle doing all the preparations.
We will bring your book to the fair and take it directly to where the book right buyers, publishers, agents, and others can see your book!
What Do You Need To Do?
Prepare one copy of your book
Process the registration fee that the organizers require
Fill-out the order form
Total Package: $2,299
What you will get for the $2,299?
To make sure that your book won’t be buried in the back of the show; LitFire will prepare and execute four (4) publicity campaign for your book. It will gain maximum exposure and will be in the front and center! 

Are there any other such "generous offers" out there that you've personally come across? It's helpful for other writers to be forewarned.
Rita Stella Galieh is an Indie Publisher of a Historical Trilogy with another series on the way.


  1. I've heard about this, Rita. Thanks for publicizing the scam. The level of grammar usually gives it away fairly quickly.

  2. It makes me sad at how people with dreams of having a book published can lose so much. My first contract was one of those scams--in fact the publishers ended up in jail. Thankfully, I spoke with one of their authors who told me to run. There are many legitimate people out there, but sadly also many we must run from.