Thursday, April 13, 2017

You Gotta Accentuate the Positive

Every now and then I find myself singing words to a song that has been around for ages. This fun song is a World War 2 classic, written by Johnny Mercer. It was on the pop charts for a long time and draws on some old truths.
            It’s called “MR. IN-BETWEEN”

You gotta Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative,
Latch on to the Affirmative.   Don’t be a Mr. In- between!
You gotta spread joy up to the Maximum, bring gloom down to the Minimum
Have Faith, or Pandemonium’s liable to walk upon the scene!

*It's far too easy to be a Mr. In-Between, isn't it?

That reminds me of a verse in the Bible where God says, if you are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm, regarding Him, that’s enough to make Him spew you out of His mouth. As Christians there’s no fence sitting regarding what God says to us in His Word.

The atheist says, “There is NO God.” The Christian says, “There IS a God. But the Agnostic says, “Maybe there is a God or maybe there isn’t, so I’m not going to decide. Now that’s a typical in-between fence sitter.

Someone once said ….  "Not to decide is to decide.” And today, many believe the Ten Commandments are full of negativity because they are full of “Thou shalt nots”. But these actually turn out to be positives.

How many times have you told your child, “Don’t run onto the road without looking.” And adults are told. “Do not exceed the speed limit”. There are always Consequences for breaking God’s guidelines. And so refusing to believe & accept Jesus Christ when He gave Himself to pay the penalty of our sins is fence-sitting at its worst.

John, the disciple,was making it very clear to the world that Jesus was REAL. He walked & talked with His followers. They touched Him. He ate with them. So John was proving Jesus’ humanity. And he also says Jesus always was there right from Eternity. That showed He was & IS God. And to cast away every doubt. He wants believers to know for sure that believing in Jesus gives them Eternal Life.  No room for In-betweeners here.

READ I JOHN 5:13  And may you have a Blessed Easter Season

Rita Stella Galieh, an Australian Indie Publisher of a Victoriana Trilogy is now working on another trilogy for a US Publisher who approached her. As a contract hasn't been signed yet, she is not making any announcements.

The trilogy will feature each of three young women searching for: 
1. Fame & recognition  2. A husband  3. A Voice.

The first two are completed with the last novel presenting quite a challenge! A heroine who can't talk? Now you know why. :)


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