Monday, January 16, 2017

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

I am often a witness to this phenomenon with my five-year-old son at the dinner table. That moment when the child can hardly flex his jaw for all the food propping it open. How often have I told him "not so much", or "one bite at a time", or "swallow that before you stuff any more in there!" Slowly I am learning how easy it is to find yourself in that predicament.  

This post is perhaps a perfect example of that--one more bite that probably should have been passed to someone else. Yesterday was the deadline for the third book in my Hearts at War series and the release of my debut novel (the first book in that series) is in less than two weeks. 

That would have probably been enough for the month, but I also decided to gnaw on home renos and putting our house on the market. Add packing up half the house so it won't look cluttered when people come to view (two adults and three kids in a two bedroom home makes for tight on space). 

Change always fills up the mouth quite quick, so why not add some more? This week my responsibilities have changed with the children's program in our church. I am now in charge of music, which etails teaching the children new songs. Two twenty minute programs every Sunday. 

And I still have to do laundry and dishes and tidy up (and chase) after three kids under 6. Oh, and two birthday parties - one for the sweet girl who turns four today! :) 

Please don't think I just wrote my laundry list so you could feel overwhelmed with me.  On the contrary, I shared some of the craziness of this month so I can testify to the greatness of our God. For he is Great. He is my strength and in Him all things are possible! 

Somehow I have enough time. Somehow books get written and children get cared for and read to. Somehow I am carried through tasks when I'm too weary to do it on my own. 

There will always come those days, months, or even years that we realise we have bitten off more we can chew. We have writing deadlines and book promotion intermingled with real life. God is always near, ready and willing to bear our burdens and give us the strength we need as we move forward in faith!

A Woman Compelled by Christian Charity
Surrounded by the musket fire of the American Revolution, Rachel Garnet prays for her family to be safe.  When the British invade the Mohawk Valley, and her father and brother don’t return from the battle, she goes in pursuit of them. She finds her brother alive but her father has been killed at the hand of the enemy. Amidst the death, how can she ignore a cry for help…? Rachel reluctantly takes in a badly wounded British officer. But how long can her sense of Christian duty repress her hatred for his scarlet coat?
A Man Lost to the Devastation of War
Passages of Scripture and fleeting images of society are all Andrew Wyndham recalls after he awakens to the log walls of his gentle prison. Even his name eludes him. Rachel Garnet insists he is a captain in the British army. He mourns the loss of his memory, but how can he hope to remember war when his “enemy” is capturing his heart?

A Scarlet Uniform Holds the Power to Unite or Divide
Andrew’s injuries are severe, his memory slow to return, and the secret of his existence too perilous to ignore. As Rachel nurses him back to health, his hidden scarlet coat threatens to expose the deeds of her merciful heart, and Andrew is forced to face a harrowing decision—Stay hidden and risk losing the woman he loves or turn himself in and risk losing his life.
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  1. I often suspect I've bitten off more than I can chew. Thanks for the encouragement that there is a way through!

  2. Angela, your post reminds me of the old chestnut "if you want something done, give it to someone who is busy!" May your house sale & move go well for you. Have you found another place to move into yet? Or is that next item on the agenda?

    Keep leaning into Jesus and letting Him carry your burden.

    1. Thanks, Ian. We have nerrowed the future home down to a couple options so we're getting closer. :)

  3. I love how you give glory to our God in this post!

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  5. Hi Angela, I totally relate, and I struggle to not take on too much. Finding the right balance isn't easy. Thanks for sharing :)

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  7. I love your sweet heart, Angela and boy am I glad I'm not the only one trying to talk with an over stuffed mouth. ;-) One day we'll figure out the balance, but by then we'll be as old as Methuselah. Praying for you during the busy time!