Thursday, April 28, 2016

Balance Issues

by Janice L. Dick

I experience occasional issues with balance, apparently due to the aura that accompanies silent migraines (so says the specialist, for lack of any other explanation). The problem sounds innocuous, but it can be debilitating.

There’s a balance issue with writing as well. I believe in using social media: I must be traceable. I must also be available to interact with readers and writers on the various sites I have chosen to use for promotional purposes.

However, my time is limited, and you know how quickly time can fly when you’re on social media. I must find a balance, a way of managing my time so I still have opportunity to write. 

How do I find a balance? I would suggest it’s different for each of us, but we need to put effort into managing our time. We need to analyze how effective the various sites are/have been for our writing careers. Perhaps we need to consolidate using programs like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, although that involves more learning time again. Time allotment for social media is a challenging dilemma, but one that needs to be managed.

As with vertigo, the problem with spending too much time on social media may be more serious than we think. Taking time to learn the sites and to manage them efficiently is necessary for balance in a writer’s life.

Right now I must return to the work of molding my current manuscript and into the requisite format for the digital world. Losing too much time on social media sites can be debilitating to my writing career. Because really, if I don’t have anything new to offer, I have nothing to promote. 

Blessings to you, my fellow writers, as you find the necessary balance in your writing careers.


  1. I agree 100%, Janice. We have to have the platform, but if we don't have any books to promote (or worth promoting!) what is the point? Ihave tended to avoid social media lately, but I know I can't do that entirely.

  2. Yes Janice, you're right. I spend so much time building my platform I sometimes run out of time to write. I'm busy trying to correct that balance!