Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Best of the ICFW Archives ~ Mel Menzies on writing A Painful Post Mortem

Introduction by Donna Fletcher Crow

I am continually impressed by what difficult subjects writers in this group are willing to tackle, even when the subjects often arise from pain in their own lives. English author Mel Menzies is a good example of this on both counts. I'm so delighted to introduce her to you today. Mel, tell us your story.

A Painful Post Mortem is a novel (my first writing as Mel Menzies) and, in a way, the title says a lot about why I write. Inspired by the loss of my daughter who was a heroin addict for years, the story begins with a death.

The death is that of a young woman, Katya. The Pathology Report suggests that her demise is self-inflicted. Aware of changes in Katya's lifestyle, her mother, Claire, is determined to prove otherwise; especially when the police arrest two people whom they suspect of being implicated.

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