Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best of the ICFW Archives: Those Writer Relationships

By LeAnne Hardy

Sunday dinner of lasagna, salad, and French bread eaten outdoors in a lovely summer garden—what better way for writing friends to get together? Only some of these friends were meeting for the first time. 

When my work with SIM (Serving in Mission) recently took me to South Africa, I was quick to get in touch with Ruth Dell, Marion Ueckermann and Shirley Corder, my South African colleagues on this blog. 

It may surprise you to know that most of us who write for International Christian Fiction Writers have never met in person. We live in scattered parts of the world, but we share a passion to open the door to fiction about a variety of places and cultures.

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  1. That was so good meeting you and your husband, LeAnne. Also knowing you were going to be spending time with other of my friends. As you said, we so rarely meet up in the flesh it means so much when we do.

  2. I so agree, the relationships we develop as writers with each other and our readers is the cream on top of the cake. It's the best.