Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Ripe are You?

Not in the sense of ever being over-
ripe. Forget that! We writers can go on forever can't we?

When I first began writing a novel - after writing lyrics for songs and scripts for five-minute Christian radio programs- I was bright green.

I had no idea so much help was out there. I just wrote my story. THEN, and only then, I discovered I needed a lot more "how-to's" just to hone the craft. And online courses with ACFW was an eye-opener.

I began to color up to a nice pinkish shade. Then came the advice on how to write a book proposal, plus more guidance on the dreaded marketing side of things. Well, I suppose after I'd worked on these necessary skills I'd ripened to a decent light red.

Now on to cutting scenes not needed and editing unnecessary verbiage.  By now hopefully I'm a nice ripe story-teller of a luscious purple hue. But what's that? I need a big dish called Platform to be acceptable to US publishers? Huh? Doesn't matter how well I sell my books here Down Under, I can't do book signing or take speaking engagements in the US.

Never mind. I gather my ripe berries and cook up a nice pie called INDY PUBLISHING! Sure, it costs at first, but it's working. I choose my covers, my titles, my formatting and my paper.  All my profits go to Christian work in various countries of S.E. Asia to smaller organizations needing help. So I see the Lord's Hand in all this and I am blessed.

These are books I and II of the Victoriana trilogy. As they're identical twins separated at birth from their mother and each other, I needed the same model. Although a stand-alone novel, A Parcel of Promises ties up any loose ends. Roseanna M White designed both covers  and I am delighted with the feedback.

PayPal is a great help and early next year my print books will also be available as e-books.

To find out if they appeal to you, early next year, check

Are there some ripe berries out there wondering how to take the next step toward publishing?


  1. Hi Rita, I'm glad you've found a home for your books in the indie world. Congrats on your latest releases. Your covers are very pretty :)

    1. Thanks Narelle. I'm thankful that folk are interested and buying, even though not from a bookstore.

  2. I love the analogy of writing and berries! And I agree with Narelle - your covers are gorgeous.

    1. It's just the way my weird mind works, Iola. And I'm glad you like the covers, they are exactly what I'd visualized.

  3. Love your covers. Did you create them yourself or work with a cover designer?