Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tired of Writing?

Do you ever get tired of writing?
I know I do.
Yes, I have my ideas and pages waiting to be finished, but lately, I just couldn't be bothered.
And maybe that's my own fault.

Sometimes a person has too many passions and interests. Sometimes you just need to spend an entire 12 hours out in your vegetable garden, weeding (yes, some people get great satisfaction out of yanking tall weeds, please, be quiet). Or maybe you need to spend the next two weeks devouring cooking recipes and grocery stores/farmers' markets to create new delectable goodies.  Or maybe you just really need to read four books in a row, because they are so good. Perhaps you just want to reorganize your house and collect new paint colours for the walls.  Maybe it's time to build a brand new chicken coop.  Or that fabric that has been collecting in your storage/guest/ craft room, is finally being sewn into a pretty, flouncy skirt you've always wanted to make.  Or maybe you're spending the summer just sitting...sitting on the front porch with tea, sitting in a lawn chair in front of the fire pit, sitting in the grass watching the clouds, sitting on an air mattress making water ripples with your fingers, sitting in the dirt picking peas and beans, sitting on the back step watching butterflies, dragonflies, brown thrashers, wrens all flutter about,  sitting on your bed under a blanket and typing your post for the day that you kinda forgot about.

And that's ok.  Because everyone needs a change in their own creativity to help kick-start something later on.

So unless you're on a deadline, why don't you slow down a little?  Take up finger-painting, learn to knit, finally make that charred barbecue sauce you've never made, learn to can pickles, read too many magazines, write a letter to a friend using ink and paper.  There's nothing wrong with changing it up a little and channeling your passions into other outlets.

I promise you won't forget how to write...

See? Still writing. Sort of...

So don't be afraid to...take a break. Cause you might need one.

Jenn Kelly really is a writer, just not lately. She is too busy lying in fields and watching ladybugs and caterpillars. See, she's right there in that photo on the left...on the other side of the camera.  When she's not cooking, farming vegetables, cleaning her house (ahem), swimming, or just sitting, you can find her writing...actually, that's not true. She hasn't written anything in awhile.  But if you'd like to see her farm, well, here it is.  She encourages you to keep writing and ignore the fact that she is not writing.


  1. Loved this Jenn...permission to laze a bit, read a bit and be creative with anything but novels!

    It's summer in your hemisphere, but winter Down Under. All I long for is to curl up before our wood burning heater and snooze awhile, snack on a melted cheese sandwich, with a lovely cup of steaming hot tea...made from leaf not bags. But where am I? Still at my computer.

  2. Great advice :) I also love my garden and ladybugs (My poor 4 year-old cried for a half hour after he killed one on purpose and I told him they were our friends. "I killed my friend...that ladybug was my friend and I killed him." Traumatic experience, but so funny.) There are so many other great things to do... I should get back to doing more of them too :)

  3. Jenn, I hear you! Sometimes we need to kick back, change gears, slow down, and do a bunch of different creative things. Enjoy your summer break :)

  4. Did you mention sitting by the ocean, watching for whales? That's my favorite place to sit, but I don't get to do it often.

  5. Love this! Thanks for the reminder to slow down, Jenn. Sounds like a wonderful summer! :)