Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Three sleeps till this book arrives!

Today's slot was meant to be Marion Ueckermann's. For a number of reasons, we traded places and I'm delighted to be able spotlight her latest offering in her absence. Marion is a hard-working writer who churns out words regardless of what life throws at her. She is supportive and helpful and a joy to be friends with.

I'm excited to bring you a sneak peak of a new release from Pelican's White Rose / Passport to Travel series. It is hovering in the wings, waiting to take centrestage on Friday, the 14th of August. I loved her previous Pelican release, Helsinki Sunrise, and am looking forward to reading this one. Marion creates characters who are full of spunk, humour and charm.

Oslo Overtures - The Blurb

“If women were meant to fly, the skies would be pink.” 
Those were the first words Anjelica Joergensen heard from renowned wingsuiter, Kyle Sheppard, when they joined an international team in Oslo to break the formation flying Guinness World Record. This wouldn’t be the last blunder Kyle would make around the beautiful Norwegian.
The more Anjelica tries to avoid Kyle, the more the universe pushes them together. Despite their awkward start, she finds herself reluctantly attracted to the handsome New Zealander. But beneath his saintly exterior, is Kyle just a daredevil looking for the next big thrill? 
Falling for another wingsuiter would only be another love doomed.
When a childhood sweetheart comes between them, Kyle makes a foolish agreement which jeopardizes the event and endangers his life, forcing Angelica to make a hard choice.
Is she the one who’ll clip his wings?

Can he be the wind beneath hers?

You can find Marion and all her other published works at www.marionueckermann.com or her Amazon author page.
Marion - we are praying for you and yours at this time. May His peace be around you like a soft warm blanket, and may the Holy Spirit comfort you in the way that only He can.


  1. Hi Diane, Thanks for sharing Marion's new release with us. It's near the top of my tbr list in my Kindle app :)

    1. Thanks, Narelle ... how long's your flight to Dallas :) Hmmm, maybe not a good read for the plane, you might want to jump out and try to wingsuit :)

  2. Thanks, Diane, for sharing. Wow ... I didn't even know :) Much appreciated, and thanks for standing in the gap for me.

    1. It was my pleasure Marion. I debated asking if there was any particular info you wanted to share, but the whole point was to take the load off your mind and not make more work for you. Looks like a wonderful book xxx

  3. I have just finished reading Oslo Overtures and I really did enjoy it.

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed Oslo Overtures, Ann.