Thursday, May 21, 2015


How to define this? Is it simply a thrilling 
feeling? Attraction? Something from a 
bygone era, perhaps around the time of 
the knights and their ladies?

I am unashamedly biased.  I enjoy reading 
mystery, suspense,  occasionally a sci-fi. 
But I love a true romance. Some view 
romance as  a little out of date. If what we
 see on our TV screens and the way movies 
depict a relationship between a girl and a 
man is true. Most often it appears that 
romance is mistaken for lust. Everything is 
named sexy which seems to be the most 
accepted compliment a person of the 
opposite sex can give. And I'm concerned 
that many young women feel that going to 
bed with an attractive man is the only way 
to hold him.

Oh, such a shame and such a lost opportunity to experience the genuine joys of romance. Even the Bible speaks about the way of a man with a maid. Romance should be the promise of a deeper experience...that of genuine love. That's why I believe bringing a Christian World View into our stories is totally relevant.  
Every woman wants to be loved. Really loved for herself... not just for her body alone. She wants to be courted and shown courtesies. Lots of little
things that add up to that person saying by their actions that they really
care for their sweetheart.

I freely admit I love the inspirational historical romance genre. I love the way a man and a woman are attracted despite circumstances conspiring to keep them apart. Yet love prevails and somehow they find a way against impossible odds. But oh, the temptation they face to go against the proprieties of the day. Especially those of the Victorian Era, with all its  undercurrents, intrigues, and meddling relatives adding many plot twists and turns.

Rita is a historical romance writer with two books published in Australia. She has recently gone into Independent Publishing known as Rita Stella ( Soon online.) 

Victoriana Series
Signed Sealed Delivered - Book I   
The Tie That Binds -Book II   
A Parcel of Promises - Book III, (coming)

At her book signings, she wears a 19th century costume of a governess and speaks 
about the sometimes strange and amusing customs of the Victorian Era.  Facebook and #RitaSGalieh


  1. Rita, what a lovely post.

    Having been a fan of Austen, Hardy and the like from a young age I hadn't read any romance for most of the last 25 years. But, in the past year or so I've read a few primarily I guess because most of the authors I mingle with write them. And I've been pleasantly surprised by how many I've enjoyed, in particular, the historical ones as I learn something about the period at the same time.

    Long live the great romance novels and their authors!

    PS. I would so like to see you at one of your book signings dressed up - sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. It is a lot of fun, Ian. It's amazing what those Victorians got up to!

      I am impressed that you have enjoyed historical romances. Good for you. We each can learn more of the craft from the different genres.

  2. Rita, great post! Yes, I'm with Ian, when are we going to see you dressed up in one of your Victorian era costumes? Congrats on your upcoming release :)

    1. Thanks, Narelle. Maybe I'll do it in my next blog post!

  3. Lovely post Rita. Yes, I miss the genuine romance stories. Not just boy meets girl and they climb into bed! And I'm with the others. Maybe your next post can include you appearing at a book signing! What fun!

  4. I'm glad you liked it, Shirley. Hah! I'm getting a new skirt made so maybe I'll just do that seeing three of you asked.

  5. Me too--that makes four! Let me know when it's happening and I'll hopefully be able to get there.