Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Best of the ICFW Archives: Tasmanian Devils - and more about Tassie

By Mary Hawkins

Well, in my last post I did promise to tell you a little about this beautiful part of Australia that my husband and I have “retired” to. I use retired like that because I’m still not quite sure what this “retired” means – for us at least. Although he is now an officially retired minister, Ray is still preaching wherever he has an opportunity to share truths from the scriptures. For both of us our days are filled with reading, writing, family and our local church and friends. So, while we have now lived here for over six years, there is far too much of this island state that we have not explored.Tasmania is the large island across Bass Strait south of Melbourne. It became a penal settlement in 1803 and although such a beautiful place the history of early European settlement is not pleasant reading. It has been said that Tasmania's history is the most colourful but tragic of all the six Australian states. If you would like more information this is a good website: Discover Tasmania

We live on the estuary of the Tamar River north of the second largest city, Launceston and take nearly three hours to drive south to our capital, Hobart. This is the view from a hill near us looking to the mouth of the river and Bass Strait.

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