Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I'm a bit past that now, but that's what my
agent said she'd do for me. And believe me, I'm
the one who has experienced all those labor

I have had a few miscarriages with my manuscripts. I
have come close, but failed at the committee level.
Unlike a baby coming whether ready or not, our little
novel babies require a great deal of perseverance and hard work to actually bring the delivery to pass.
The following is not really for published authors, but for those who feel their precious manuscripts are ready to be sent out into the world of traditional publishers.
 First that well written query, then if accepted comes the BOOK PROPOSAL which causes most authors to shudder. It's very demanding. In it you must persuade an agent, then a publisher why they should read a
chapter or two of your book.

Here's what I wrote for my novel and maybe you can use it as a guide:
Title:              The Testing of Taylor Jones   Historical Romance with Quest subplot 

Hook:             A venture into the unknown. A step of faith or an incalculable blunder?

Late 1890s: As members of a covert expedition in search of a creature thought extinct, Dr. Garrett Steele, veterinary professor of the New England Museum of Natural History and reporter, Miss Taylor Jones, are thrust to the limits of their courage and endurance in the rugged outback of Australia. He wants to make the find of the century and she wants to write an account that will make her a household name. When betrayed by a rogue team member, danger escalates their passionate clash of personalities into a relationship neither had bargained for. Will each find what they crave, or will they fail the final gut-wrenching challenge?

Then follows a one or two page SYNOPSIS, PROMOTION,  MARKETING and COMPETITION
v  The fascinating subject of cryptozoology: the study and search for animals thought to be extinct. Many naturalists were involved in this well over a century ago.
v  The huge but elusive Burrunjor has been depicted in cave paintings, rock carvings, and in reports by early Australian colonists. And bones of large carnivores have been located in remote Outback caves. Also the fascinating, mysterious Aboriginal culture.
v  Along with her speleologist brother, Rita has been on a few caving jaunts and these experiences gave her real insight into the feeling of aloneness in the cave depths. 

This is followed by ENDORSEMENTS, CHRISTIAN THEME, INTENDED READERS, and the MANUSCRIPT STATUS - length and whether completed. 

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Even at this stage where my agent has given it to her editor contacts, I can only continue praying my novel will eventually find the right publishing home. 
    So, as soon as you can, begin working on your Hook and Synopsis for your Book Proposal. It helps by planning ahead.   
  *Rita Stella Galieh is a scriptwriter and co-presenter on Vantage Point, a 5 minute program broadcast throughout Australia. She has contributed to several US Anthologies by Adams Media and has two Historical Romances published by Ark House Press. Each year she and her husband minister in Buddhist Government schools, prisons, hospitals & churches in Thailand

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