Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Doing the Right Thing

  Not long ago, I was reading over King Josiah's story. He was great grandson of the admirable King Hezekiah but came in line after a very slack and wicked father and grandfather had held the reins for too long. He inherited Judah's throne aged 8, and probably thought the first part of his reign was about keeping the status quo. Yet one day, when this young man was 26, something unexpected happened that proved to be a pivotal moment in his life. The Book of God's Revelation, buried and ignored in the temple for years, was re-discovered.

Horrified and aghast to hear the words Moses wrote so long ago, it struck the young hero forcefully that for years, he and his people were doing all the things they shouldn't have been and none of the things they should have been. He and his closest supporters consulted a prophetess named Huldah, who revealed with great conviction that God did indeed intend to allow judgment to catch up with the people of Judah. She said that Josiah himself would be spared to a peaceful grave, as God intended to honour his earnest change of heart, but as for the mass in general, they were not going to change in a hurry.

Now, knowing this to be true, Josiah went out and began his massive-scale, hard-core reforms anyway. He read out the Law to all the people, got rid of the twisted and perverted sacrificial and prostitution sites and smashed up the obscene relics and images he found everywhere. What impresses me most about him is that he did all this knowing full well that it would be of no long-term use. As Huldah had an excellent track record as a prophetess, he had no reason to doubt her word. The people would turn to their depraved ways again and the land would be taken under captivity. In retrospect, we know this is exactly what did happen. So did he waste his time?

Would I have done the same in King Josiah's place? Although I'd like to think I would, I'm not sure. Modern advisers and life coaches counsel us to expend energy only when it is most likely results will be favourable. Knowing the dismal outcome, I think it would have been easy for Josiah to say, "What would be the use? As well as wasting valuable energy that could be better invested elsewhere, I'll make myself extremely unpopular. I'll worship God myself, but as for everyone else, what they do in their own time is their business." However, he didn't take this wishy-washy approach.
Apart from the obvious power of the written word displayed in this story, we can take several things away from it.

I'm sure many authors who read this have had the experience of writing a manuscript which stimulates us, without a clue as to whether we'll manage to interest any publishers. We may have even been told by someone in the industry, "There really isn't a market for this, so do yourself a favour, take my advice and move onto something else." I'd been writing Christian novels set in South Australia for over ten years with no sign that Australian Christian fiction was ever going to 'take-off.' It seemed so much cheaper for our main retail outlets to purchase remaindered books from foreign shores. I'm beginning to wonder whether the age of electronic books is changing all that, but it didn't look as if it was for all that time. I'd like to think that if we pray, God will do something amazing every time, but we just don't have that reassurance.

Then I remember King Josiah, who did the right thing just because he knew it was the right thing and there was no way he could sit back and not do it. I'm sure many of us agree that writing what is on our hearts is the right thing for us to do. There may have been signs along the way to encourage us. Josiah had a sign too. During his major clean-up, he came across the tomb of an old prophet from years ago who'd actually predicted his reforms and even mentioned him by name (1Kings 13:2). Wow, that must have given Josiah a huge boost in his spirits.

Do you have anything worthwhile but difficult you're trying to achieve? Does it feel more as if you're bashing your head against a brick wall, but you can't stop because it just wouldn't be right to quit? It might involve work, family members or a community project. I'd encourage you to make one of my heroes, Josiah, your hero too, and keep plugging on.

As for him, you've got to love the way his reign and life are summed up.
"There was no king to compare with Josiah - neither before nor after - a king who turned in total repentant obedience to God, heart mind and strength, following the instructions revealed to and written by Moses. The world would never again see a king like Josiah." Wow, that's enough to raise goosebumps. A pretty complimentary epitaph to be found anywhere, let alone in Scripture. So let's keep doing what needs to be done in our own lives.

* You can find Josiah's story in 2Kings 22 - 23 and 2Chronicles 34 - 35.

Award-winning author, Paula Vince loves to evoke tears and laughter through her novels. A wife and homeschooling mother of three, she resides in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Her youth was brightened by great fiction and she’s on a mission to pay it forward.

Her most recent novel, 'Imogen's Chance' will be an April 2014 new release.

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  1. Paula, such a timely encouragement to us to keep on keeping on! I've often thought why am I doing this? but then I know this is what I should be doing...and love doing.

    I remembered the story, but didn't realize about Josiah's actions being prophesied. How great is that? Yes the Lord has it all in His control.

  2. Hi Rita, yes, I loved coming across that prophecy. He truly stands outside of time to give us unexpected encouragement.

  3. Paula, our son named his first son Josiah because he was such a great role model of standing strong for the right. I often remind our Josiah of that.

  4. Paula, I love the takeaway message from your post. Thanks for sharing Josiah's story and encouraging us to persevere :)

  5. Very much at that 'what's the use?' stage at present, so interested to read you great post Paula. as you can tell I am running behind reading blogs. Like your example of Josiah.