Thursday, January 2, 2014


Here we are all dressed up to attend a friend's wedding. (No wedding pics available yet.)

What was so special about this wedding? The Rev. Hon. Fred Nile, the leader of the Australian Christian Democratic Party was married in a wonderful God-honoring ceremony in the stately old St. Thomas's Anglican Church. It was attended by family, friends and fellow parliamentarians.

Everyone rejoiced to see this humble man find happiness again after he lost his wife a couple of years ago from cancer. Fred shared with us how, before she died, she advised him to marry someone
 who would share the burden of his responsibilities in the rather stressful times of parliamentary debates.

The happy couple at their engagement
Silvana Nero, a school teacher, had always wanted  to serve her community in politics and at a Christian Democratic Party function, she approached Rev. Nile and asked what steps she should take to join the CDP. He replied, "You are the answer to my prayers." Silvana was pleased, believing he was glad to have another committed recruit, but never realizing Fred had long been praying for the Lord to lead him to someone who would share in his chosen way of life.

They dated for a year before their joyous wedding in December. The couple have a vital interest in Israel, having visited the Jewish Knesset. And the blowing of the shofars began the whole proceedings.

It was a beautiful ceremony with the Pacific Islander Choir leading the singing. And the place reverberated with the magnificent pipe organ as the congregation sang How Great Thou Art. Several celebrities were among the guests, which made it interesting for us to figure out who was who.

There's no doubt weddings touch us deeply when such solemn vows are made before God. And every one of us wished the couple God's richest blessings in their future life together.

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  1. Rita, thanks for sharing their story, and I'm glad you were able to celebrate their special day.

    1. It was such a special day Narelle. A few gays shouted outside the church demanding their right to be "married", but the guests just waved and walked on, not allowing them to spoil the couple's day.

  2. Really interesting to read, Rita. And you look beautiful! George looks very handsome too!