Thursday, December 19, 2013


How could one small baby 
bring peace between men out 
to harm each other?

That's what Canadian missionary Don Richardson asked himself. He and his college sweetheart Carol had married and then felt the call of God to share the Good News with the Sawi tribes-people of Irian Jaiya.

After many months working among these volatile warring tribes, one day he threatened them as arrows began flying outside his house. He cried out that he'd go and work among other villagers if they didn't quit their feuding and make peace.  Suddenly one man ran off and took his baby son from his wife. She screamed and wrenched it away from him. Then another man from the opposition hurried to his house and took up his baby son. His wife shrieked and wailed but couldn't stop him when he handed over their baby to a man who he had been fighting. As the man accepted the child others laid hands on it amidst women's cries.

Shattered by this show of great emotion Don asked what was happening. "This is the only way to make peace between us," he was told. "As long as the Peace Child lives we are safe." Don had the answer. He told them how God the Father had sent His only Son as a Peace Child between men. Wicked men killed Jesus, but He rose from the dead because He was God's Son and He lives forever. So they had no need to do this anymore once they believed in Him because the sacrifice of His Peace Child lasts as long as Jesus lives. And He will never die again.

And this Christmas we can thank our Father for sending His Son to give us His peace in our hearts. May you all know the blessing of His lasting peace. Remember there is nothing we can add to His perfect sacrifice, but to accept it and honor Him with our right living.


Rita is an Australian author of Historical Romances.


  1. Good to be reminded of this wonderful story at this time of year, Rita. And so good to have you back home too! God bless.

  2. Rita, thanks for sharing this powerful story :)

  3. What an amazing story and loved how you used it Rita, to illustrate what God has done.