Tuesday, December 17, 2013


My husband, Ray Hawkins, gave me this fun article and I can’t resist sharing it with you. Okay, he doesn’t write fiction just devotional books and articles which God often uses to bless and challenge me. Some are included on this blog’s Friday devotions.

I am wondering if any other writers can identify with his thoughts!

Sitting around in an easy chair seemed like a great idea. Recovering from day surgery provided the excuse. Sunshine drew me into its beams. There I sat lost in daydream land. Not for long. Words began to run riot in the mind. I tried to erase them but they wouldn’t disappear.
Gone, yes gone was my lazy day in the sun. I couldn’t resist the urge to grab pen and paper. Ideas and quotes required attention. Then it was off to renew my acquaintance with the computer. (It had been twenty four hours since last we inter-faced). The mouse squealed with delight at the touch of my fingers and the computer jumped into life.
My body wanted to lie on a bed. My stomach longed for sustenance. My mind was as light as fairy–floss (cotton candy) but my fingers danced upon the keyboard. Through fuzzy eyes (or was it a mind shrouded in the aftermath of anaesthetics?) words assembled themselves. Captured! Yes I was captured, if not enraptured, by the marshalling of words on screen. 
As I typed away I felt as if I had run a marathon. That was strange as I had never run more than the length of a cricket pitch. Not that I’ve done that lately either. The body was screaming, “To the couch old boy, to the couch”. But the chair held me fast. 
Time passed. Was it hours? No! Ten minutes of delightful agony had crawled by.
“That’s it! Yes, that’s it!”
Somehow or other the missing element of my world shattering, devotional meditation has invaded my empty space. (Some define that as my mind.) The lure of the couch was overcome. I must record my invasive thought before it is swallowed in the black hole of forgetfulness.  

The computer screen reflected my feverish inspiration. Was it not brilliant? Well, maybe it was just simply wonderful. I couldn’t decide which at that moment as nature called. I pressed the ‘save’ icon and went. I tried to find my way back to the computer but exhaustion led me to the bedroom.
Tomorrow (maybe even later to night?) I would be in better shape.
Something inside of me whispered, “I doubt it!”
Was it referring to my aftershocks from surgery or my infection and affliction defined as ‘Manuscript Mania.’ Whatever the term my seat in the sun will be empty until…!
Ray (a victim of M.M.) Hawkins.
And was this the book being released next February which was the end product of the above?
If not, perhaps it is the one next May, "Signpost To Happiness". 
 I am so delighted that  my husband sits for so long at the keyboard these days to share his deep thoughts from God's Word the way he does.
Would love some comments how you can identify with my husband's being a "victim of Manuscript Mania."

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  1. Ray, congrats on your upcoming releases! I'm looking forward to reading them :)