Friday, November 22, 2013

DEVOTION: Lesson from a Seahorse ~ by Ray Hawkins

At the sea horse business our children own I often do the late night check. This simply means ensuring the water and air are on, there are no leaks and the lights are turned off with doors secured.

Most of the time things are okay. Still the need is there to make sure. There have been times when some little things have needed adjusting or after storms equipment requires checking. The sea horses are indifferent to all this. However should something go wrong they would feel it.

I would apply that to my own spiritual health. I need constant check-ups to see that my spirit is functioning well and my spiritual journey is going in the right direction. To read the bible,worship, pray and put into practice God's word is the way the Lord checks me out.

I'm glad my Lord and Saviour takes the time to cast His eye into and over my life. Across the years His intervention has saved me from some unpleasant failures. The sea horses don't appreciate my care for them. However I certainly appreciate the Lord keeping His eye on me.

Over to you: Can you name just one way in which the Lord has looked after you?

Ray Hawkins is retired after 30 years as a minister. 

He is author of five books of Biblical meditations which you can see on his blog site. His newly released, Bethlehem's Warrior Baby is about to hit the shelves.
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  1. Thanks Ray for your creative look at the seahorse and what it has to teach us about our relationship with the Lord. :-)

  2. Such a cute pic. Love seahorses. Great post. God has blessed us with adult children who are teaching their little ones his ways. That is such a blessing! And bringing us to the beautiful coastal area where we live and the church here that teaches so faithfully God's Word and made us feel immediately at home.

  3. I'm sure there are many times the Lord has been 'on duty for my sake' and I've not been aware of it. Still I like to say at the end of the day 'Thanks Lord' for known and unknown ways you have looked after me today. (or words to that effect). Thanks Shirley and Dale for your comments and others who have read the devotional. I'm glad we can all give thanks to our Lord for His moment by moment care.

  4. A seahorse business sounds so cool! Ray, thanks for this reminder to notice the many ways God takes care of us, and I agree there are even more times when we don't even see it. I'm tired today and just heading off to work, but God is showing His care for me by letting me remember the sense of hope from a dream before I woke. It lets me know He'll be with me all day and that He is enough. (Sometimes His care is dramatic, sometimes mundane...)