Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thy Will Be Done

      Here, in Canada, we're only a few days away from Thanksgiving Sunday, a day when we celebrate the bounty of the earth and give thanks for the harvest.  Churches are decorated with the fruits of the earth, pumpkins and corn stalks, tomatoes and onions, sheaves of wheat and baskets of potatoes.  My own larder is full.  The shelves of preserves double stacked.  The freezer is bulging with the harvest from my garden and bushels of apples are safely stowed in insulated boxes on the verandah.
     This is the time of year I love.  The nights are cold, the days crisp and sunny, the trees are decked out in scarlet and gold.  Yet, in the midst of plenty, some are hungry; in the midst of joy, some are sorrowing.  Here in our own community, one of our members has suffered a harrowing loss.  In the midst of Thanksgiving, some are bereft.  
      At such a time, I'm often lost for words, and so I turn to music, that language that transcends all barriers, melds the body, mind and spirit and offers balm to the aching heart.
       "Thy Will Be Done" by Joyce Ellers is one of my favourites.  The lyrics acknowledge that we all suffer, that we are often weak.  There is no condemnation here, but a deep and certain hope that we live in God's world, our lives are in His hands and we can trust His will.

To all of my ICFW friends, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a year filled with abundance and joy. 

To connect with Alice Valdal, visit her website at   Her good news this month is that her first published book, "Love and Lilacs" is now for sale as an ebook from Amazon.  I had such fun writing this novel, before I knew "the rules" of writing.  So glad it is available again.


  1. Thank you for this thoughtful post. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Judith, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Well we Aussies miss out on that holiday, Alice. But every day can be one of thanksgiving for all His benefits to us.

  3. Like Rita, I wish we had a Thanksgiving Day but maybe we just all need to make it every day.