Tuesday, August 6, 2013


When you think of people worldwide who might read our story, it should spur us on to greater heights.

There is so much power in a story to hold our attention. Any author who can truly help us to identify with our character's spiritual struggles is engaged in a ministry of reconciliation, or encouragement, or is throwing out a challenge to us. And if our work as a writer is Spirit filled, God's power is released. What a tremendous privilege! And what a responsibility. We don't have to preach, it's not our place. We just have to point the way through our characters. But we must work at engaging our readers with a great plot and characters who ring true. Who wants to hear a dull sermon? Not me. If a preacher tells a real life story, a great illustration, or a personal experience, and applies it with skill to my need...wow... it captures my attention. Even doctrine can come to life when applied with these methods.

We are celebrating 53 years together in ministry
Each year my husband and I minister in Thailand, a Buddhist country. We are accepted in schools, hospitals, prisons, shopping malls, orphanages and Christian churches. This is because we have been invited to explain the real meaning of Christmas. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to tell why Jesus was born as a man, thus we share the Good News. We also tell other Bible stories.

We have discovered a story translates in any culture. That's why Jesus told so many stories to illustrate spiritual truths. Maybe I am not analytical, but I suspect most of us agree that a good story either written, drawn, or told, grabs us more than anything else can. How do you feel about this?

As an artist, Rita Galieh also loves writing her novels. She has had two published, with Book II and III of the Watermark Trilogy coming soon. To read about inspirational stories you can look up her weekly blog     http://inspirationalromance.blogspot.com


  1. Hi Rita,
    I completely agree with you. Shakespeare didn't say that the pen is mightier than the sword for nothing (I think it was him). I'm intrigued by the top photo of your presentation. It look great. I'd like to see one.

  2. It takes about twenty minutes to draw, Paula while George tells the story.

    I especially love drawing the Christmas manger scene.

  3. Hi Rita,

    Yes, there is definitely power in story telling. The spiritual truths from an engaging and challenging story can stay with us long after we finish reading :)

  4. Hi Narelle,

    And some stories you never forget.It's worth aiming for.

  5. Love both photos you have included, Rita--and also your beautiful drawing. Such a talented girl!! And of course I agree with all you wrote too. Time and time again when I speak somewhere I find it's the stories people relate to and remember--but I'm careful to ensure they illustrate the Scripture point I'm trying to make as well.

  6. Agreed Jo-Anne. The application is all important!
    And thanks for the compliments.

  7. So true, Rita, that people relate to stories. Thanks for sharing and the glimpse into your lives and work with the pic.