Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road Trip Diary

This is a retrospective on the weekend to come, which I wanted to write about, except it hasn't happened yet, so this will have to do. You see, I'm trippin' again...New Zealand must miss me.

Tuesday 30th July: The one and only Chila Woychik will take me to the airport to catch a bus. Don't look at me funny; that's where it stops. This bus will take me first to Des Moines, then I have to change and catch another to Kansas City, where I will be met by the awesome Jan Lazo-Davis and I will enter the house with the TARDIS blue door.

Wednesday 31st July: Various culinary and conversational delights in the Davis household.

Thursday 1st August: The fantastic Robynn Tolbert, with the lovely Morgan Busse in tow, will arrive at the Davis house for brunch. Thereafter, Robynn will drive Morgan and me clear across Missouri, where we hope to find our dorm on a university campus. There we will also find our roommate, the intrepid Deborah Cullins Smith, who is bringing the necessary yummies.

Friday 2nd August: Early in the morning - far too early, really - ouch! - we will seek out the conference centre a whole kilometre distant (walk or drive? I'm thinking walk!) and sign in to the stupendous first-ever Realm Makers conference run by the amazing Becky Minor. I'm not quite sure what the day will entail, as it depends who all wants to talk to me. In any case, the evening is given over to a costume dinner, for which I may have acquired a little something rather like this.

Saturday 3rd August: Oh, the stress! I'm on a panel at 8.30 AM! After that at least the pressure is off, but just a little - in the afternoon, I must present a Splashdown Books spotlight, followed by a lecture on science fiction worldbuilding, AND THEN contribute to another panel (or was that two?). Whew. And in the evening is a public booksigning at which I truly hope to offload all 20 copies of Avenir Eclectia that I have with me.

Sunday 4th August: Hopefully a final shared brunch with leftover con-goers before heading back to Iowa...

But not for long! Rarotonga is calling my name VERY soon after that...

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  1. Grace, it sounds like a fascinating conference. I hope you have a big turn out. Have a great week and lots of fun at the costume party :)