Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Journey

Easter is almost upon us, and with that will come the end of Lent — Something I am earnestly looking forward to!


Because this year I gave up junk food. That’s right, not just chocolate or cookies, but every single conceivable type of snack food. And I didn’t even give myself Sundays off! That’s over 40 days without my favorite food group!

So how am I doing it? 

The same way I tackle writing books — determination, perseverance and a promise to see it through to the end.

Of course with Lent, I made that promise not just to myself, but to God, which does make it a much more serious undertaking. However, I have heard many Christian writers say that they write to glorify God, they write the stories He gives them, and so, writing a Christian book is also like a period of Lent. We forgo many things to find time to write, we struggle, we fight to get those words just right, but in the end we create works that we can be proud of, works that can help people or solidify their Christian beliefs. 

And just as I will feel a sense of accomplishment when Lent is over — and believe me I will be biting the ears off a chocolate bunny — we should always celebrate our accomplishments when we finish a book, because whether it gets published or not, we made it!

Eva Maria Hamilton is the author of Highland Hearts, a Love Inspired Historical novel published by Harlequin.

The Battle of Culloden is over, but one Highlander’s fight has just begun…

Logan McAllister survived years of indentured servitude in the Americas to reach this moment. Now he’s returned to Scotland, ready to redeem the secret promise from Sheena Montgomery’s father – that his years as an indentured servant would earn him Sheena’s hand in marriage. But when he arrives home, he learns that Sheena’s father has died, his contract has been lost… and Sheena is engaged to another man.

To connect with Eva Maria Hamilton online, please visit her at

I hope everyone enjoys the journey of Lent, because the promise of Easter is coming! And it's sure to be sweet! lol


  1. You are doing good. We dont have Lent in our church but do celebrate easter and the lead up.

    On giving up the junk food its not easy and I admire what you are doing. I decided to cut out buying cookies, chocolates, candies and potato chips/crisps back about the 3rd of Jan. I haven't had any chips since then and haven't bought cookies but have had one or two when out. I was in the city last week and they had a couple of chocolate bars in the mini fridge and I gave in and had them. I needed something and that served the purpose. I did enjoy it but am able to not want to eat it again. So going 40 days without this food you are doing great and I bet you feel great too.

  2. Thanks, Jenny! And good for you! A treat now and then is a good thing, I think, because it helps you get over the obsessive cravings :) On another topic, I was glad to hear that your MRI results were good, but after 15 weeks of suffering, I'm hoping you'll be better any time now! I'll be keeping you in prayers :)

  3. Thanks Eva Maria, i haven't had constant pain but it has been long. the prayer is the meds will work and i dont need an injection.

  4. I'm glad it's not constant pain, but I can imagine how annoying it is! I'll pray for no injection :)

  5. WEll I admire both of you girls going without your treats!
    It's good to accompany prayer with fasting. My husband and I used to do this on Mondays when we were seeking the Lord's guidance about whether to step out in faith in full time evangelism. And it happened. By overcoming your hunger it shows the Lord you mean business when you make specific prayer requests.

    And sorry to hear about your problem, Jenny.

  6. Thanks for the support, Rita! I'm glad you got such a wonderful answer from God through your fasting and prayer :)

  7. Eva, thanks for sharing your insightful analogy. We do sacrifice things we enjoy in order to protect our writing time. I admire all of you who can give up chocolate for any length of time. I wonder if chocolate sales decrease during Lent and this is the reason why my favourite chocolate was less than half price at the grocery store this week? A temptation too hard to resist...

    Jenny, I'm glad your wrist is causing you less pain :)

  8. Thanks, Narelle! I wonder how many people do give up sweets? If they did in the past, then it makes complete sense to me why Easter is so full of chocolate and goodies :)